Diaghilev honey will relieve fatigue, Will pass all diseases, ailments and weakness

Angelica honey is a rare product of beekeeping, which has a high biological value. After all, Angelica owns unique properties, which, according to legend, saved the whole French city from the plague epidemic. What, in fact, can this rare product of beekeeping?

What is it?

honey from Angelica The honey produced by bees from angelica can be different in appearance and consistency. Usually it is very viscous, almost like resin and has a rich red-brown color, although it is also possible to find honey with a greenish tinge.
But the main distinguishing feature of angelica honey is its specific, but at the same time gentle and pleasant aroma. It is also easy to distinguish a real elite product of beekeeping to taste. It can be described as saturated and sharp, and sometimes it has a slight taste of caramel, and sometimes - bitterness.
In addition, it is characterized by a long process of crystallization. Therefore, unlike other species, it can remain in a liquid state throughout the winter and maintain its characteristic

viscidity. If you want to know what causes the crystallization of honey, and what other varieties can remain liquid for a long time, we recommend to read the article: Why is honey bees?

Useful properties of

The most striking properties of angelica honey come to the aid in the treatment of all kinds of inflammatory and infectious diseases, as it is a powerful antiseptic.
Therefore it is advisable to take it with:

  • stomatitis and gingivitis;
  • pneumonia, bronchitis and tracheitis;
  • pharyngitis, sore throats and laryngitis;
  • ORVI of various nature, etc.

Specific honey can be indispensable even in the treatment of food poisoning caused by the use of poor-quality products or water, and every woman familiar with thrush. But on this useful properties of Angelica honey do not end. For a long history of his existence, he managed to become famous as a real elixir of vitality.
It is successfully used for:

  • lactation
    Honey for enhancing lactation? A controversial way!
    enhance immunity;
  • acceleration of wound healing;
  • memory improvement;
  • normalization of sleep;
  • relieving nervous tension;
  • deducing people from depression;
  • improved mood;
  • enhance the performance;
  • normalizing the menstrual cycle;
  • accelerate the recovery of the body of a woman after childbirth;
  • treatment of cardiac diseases, including hypertension;
  • combating muscular dystrophy.

Warning! Traditional medicine recommends taking a little bit of angelica honey to enhance lactation, but traditional medicine opposes such a method, since children often develop an allergy to the components of bee products.

In addition, Angelica honey is a recognized even traditional medicine an effective adjuvant in the treatment of kidney and liver diseases, since it has diuretics and, as mentioned above, antiseptic properties. Therefore, it is often used even for the treatment of renal failure and urolithiasis.

Advice: in the presence of cystitis, it is worth to drink a mixture of honey with cranberry juice or cranberry decoction to accelerate the onset of recovery.

Also a rare product of beekeeping has found wide application in the treatment of diseases of the digestive system. Many have already tested the effectiveness of taking a glass of warm water, in which a tablespoon of honey is placed, from painful constipation.
Thus, since honey gently strengthens intestinal peristalsis and digestion, and also has a beneficial effect on the composition of the intestinal microflora, doctors prescribe it for colitis, enterocolitis, gastritis and other intestinal diseases. But still in such cases before starting to use it is worth consulting with the treating doctor.

Attention! According to some data, angelica honey is useful for athletes, because it shows adaptogenic and anabolic properties. And women can pamper the skin of the face with a pleasant and fragrant mask that cleans and rejuvenates it.

jar of honey
This angelica honey

Harmful honey is harmful?

In general, real angelica honey can not harm the body.
But in certain cases with it you need to be more careful, for example:

  1. Any honey is considered a strong allergen, so do not take it with increased sensitivity to the products of beekeeping and pollen of plants.
  2. In patients with diabetes mellitus or the need to count sugar units, it is recommended that patients significantly restrict or completely reject the use of honey.
  3. Unlike the popular opinion, Angelica honey does not have fat burning properties and does not help to get rid of extra pounds in any way. On the contrary, like any other honey, it contains a large amount of sugars, excessive use of which leads to an increase in body weight. Therefore, it also needs to be more careful with obesity.

Attention! Since the bank of angelica honey is far from cheap, unscrupulous sellers often try to sell under its guise the most common sugar syrup, which was previously subjected to staining or caramelization. Of course, such a "honey" will not cause significant harm to the body, but still it will not give the expected curative effect. Sometimes the real product is mixed with cheap varieties. It can be identified by the fluidity of honey: it must drain off a thin tape from a spoon.

Thus, angelica honey has no analogues. But that all useful properties could manifest themselves in full, it must be taken every day for 1 or 2 teaspoons.