Rapeseed honey is a useful product! For the organism, a devoted friend!

a bee on a rapeseed flower The name of the product "rapeseed honey" came from a plant from which bees extract nectar - rape. Annual grass, the family of crucifers, occurs in most countries of America, Europe and Asia, which makes rapeseed honey relatively inexpensive. In some states, the term "rape" means several herbs at once, so the taste of the final product may be somewhat different.
To make the honey quality, for the blossoming plants need proper care: warm air, a long light day, a large presence of moisture and high-quality natural fertilizers.

Rapeseed honey and its useful properties

In its stock, honey from rapeseed has a large amount of nutrients, including necessary vitamins and minerals for daily consumption by the body. The product is exactly interested in the representatives of the fair sex, sitting on a diet - in rapeseed honey there is not a lot of sugar, which adversely affects the figure.
Sweet nougat is able to remove from the body slag, industrial poisons, harmful fumes and other substances that are fir

mly settled in the air we breathe.
Rapeseed honey, and its benefits:

  1. It is easily digested in the body, strengthens the structure of smooth muscle tissue, promotes the proper functioning of the heart.
  2. Disinfects toxins by replacing harmful substances with useful amino acids and proteins.
  3. Sometimes it contains a boron that favorably affects the thyroid gland.
  4. Enriches calcium with bones, strengthens their structure, which allows them to be given in small amounts to small children.
  5. Using rapeseed honey, the benefits will be visible especially for the digestive organs, spleen, circulatory system.
  6. Sometimes, the use of the product is recommended for women experiencing a period of hormonal changes and menopause.
  7. And the mood of the rapeseed product will be very positive - like, does not have a sweet taste and a pleasant floral fragrance!

consistency of honey

The importance of rapeseed honey in traditional medicine

Over time, most people are more likely to abandon the services of doctors and engage in self-medication at home. As already described above - rapeseed honey has a number of useful properties, so what is its significance in folk medicine?
Here are a few simple and effective methods for consuming a sweet product with health benefits.
Recipes for internal use:

  • For throat diseases or common cold, rapeseed honey is put in hot boiled milk( about one teaspoon per cup of liquid).
  • With a strong nasal congestion, a spoonful of rapeseed honey can be diluted in 100 ml.hot water, adding a few drops of essential oil - eucalyptus or mint is the best. Inhale couples need to be wrapped in a blanket with the head, inhaling the aroma through the nose and exhaling through the mouth. If desired, the liquid after the procedure can be drunk - essential oils along with honey will only have a positive effect.
  • To improve the immunity, you can use boiled honey rapeseed, the properties of which in the heated form will not be lost. For what you need a fresh product( 200-300g.) Cook on low heat for 10 minutes, removing the formed foam. Next, the boiled liquid is filtered and mixed with finely chopped dried rosehip flowers, once again bringing the mixture to a second boil. To use as a regular honey, you can put it in tea or eat it in dry form.

The fact that honey is tasty and healthy, if we already saw it inside, we will now check its properties on external application, as face masks and lips.
Important tips for the external application of honey:

  • Rapeseed honey, due to its specific properties, can sometimes cause undesirable allergic skin reactions, so it is better to test it in separate areas of the skin before use.
  • It is not recommended to make masks from honey if the face has capillary asterisks and dilated vessels, or with a high amount of fine hair.
  • It is important to know that it is better not to apply rapeseed honey to the body in pure form, if there is a desire to make a mask - mix several spoons of nectar product with baby cream.
  • For the highly effective action of honey as face masks, you need to use exactly those additional components that suit you according to the type of skin.

Masks made from rapeseed honey

Nourishing mask

honey mask
Applying the mask to your face better with a brush, while it is much more useful to wash off with your fingers, massaging the skin.

It is best for dry and flaky skin, will give it a natural sheen, smooth out flaws and imperfections. To do this, mix a teaspoon of honey with three teaspoons of olive oil. Preheat the resulting mixture. You can in the microwave, put the liquid there for 10-15 seconds, then apply another warm mask on your face. Relax with her, lie down, think about something pleasant - and, after 10-15 minutes, rinse the remnants of the mask with water.
The mask will have a peeling effect, if you wash it off, you will massage your face with your fingertips. If you have faded skin that requires moisturizing, be sure to try this recipe.

Mask for oily skin

To make the skin of the face more fresh and matte, try mixing 2 tsp rapeseed honey with freshly prepared and slightly cooled tea green tea. Drip a few drops of lemon juice into the liquid and mix everything thoroughly until smooth. Apply the resulting consistency on the face for 10 minutes, then rinse with cool water that will support the toning effect of the mask.

Softening lip mask

This remedy will be effective in winter, when the lips are easily exposed to frost and cold winds. When weathering, apply a mask of butter and honey on your lips, mixing them in equal quantities. The mixture will well seal the cracks and will facilitate their early recovery.
Rapeseed honey is a high-quality, highly effective remedy, using which you can achieve good results from your body. Eat more honey in winter, put it in tea, make masks out of it, and you will not even feel the effects of frost, illnesses and bad mood. And if you want to learn how to store this wonderful elixir so that it does not lose its properties for a long time, read the article: Does the honey spoil or not? We will give you the right answer today!