White honey causes illness - Bronchitis and angina immediately go away!

Most people remember the honey when they think of honey, an amber or brownish color. But some connoisseurs especially appreciate white honey. The color of this natural product depends on the type of plant-honey. Usually fresh honey has a light yellow hue, and white becomes only after crystallization.

The most common honey plants

white honey What is white honey and what kind of flowers is it?
Most often it comes from the colors of raspberry, sweet clover, acacia, alfalfa and cotton. Flavors and aromatic qualities of the product from different plants have their own unique features.

  • Raspberry: raspberry flower nectar bee is delicious, it has a tender sweetish aroma and melts in the mouth. Bees collect nectar from wild wild raspberries, as well as from home garden.
  • Donnik: honey has a vanilla flavor and aroma with white honey melon flowers. It perfectly helps with colds, soothes and is suitable for people suffering from insomnia. When stored for a long time, it remains liquid.
  • Lucerne: honey sweetn
    ess from purple and lilac flowers of alfalfa has a specific taste and pleasant aroma. After crystallization, it acquires a white color and a creamy consistency.

  • Cotton: Cotton honey is distinguished by the fact that its taste is completely revealed after sugaring. Therefore, fresh product should not be placed on the table. It has a light, as it were an airy consistency and a white hue.

White honey varieties from lime, white acacia and sainfoin flowers are especially appreciated. White lime honey is known not only for its medicinal qualities, but also for its special fragrance of lime color. After sugaring, it freezes and becomes like ghee.

Tip: if after some time after the purchase you have wondered why the honey has become white and thick, note that this is the usual property of honey from linden. The natural product must crystallize.

In the photo: white linden honey after candling:

Crystallization of honey
Thick honey mass after crystallization

White acacia honey in fresh form is not white, but transparent, almost like water. It differs in that it crystallizes only in a mixture with other varieties. It is also known for its hypoallergenicity, so it can be given even to young children.
Esparset is considered one of the most valuable types of honey. At first it is transparent greenish, then it turns white. This product is very fragrant, the taste is tender sweet.

Rare varieties

  • Honey spray is also white. In its fresh form, its consistency resembles cream or baked fat, and a greenish tinge sometimes confuses even connoisseurs. The product is quickly candied, and on its surface are formed grains, similar to snowflakes. Therefore, even a natural bee-product is often mistaken for a fake. But its amazing taste does not leave anyone indifferent.
  • Tivolgovy is the only white honey that initially has a white color.
  • Apple-cherry: the bees collect nectar during the flowering of apple and cherry.

Taiga varieties

Taiga white honey should be noted especially. The following plants are the honey-plants for it:

  • kiprei
    The plant is popularly known as Ivang-tea
  • raspberry,
  • rape,
  • bear tube,
  • angelica,
  • sage,
  • clover,
  • ivan tea( kiprei),
  • geranium forest,
  • mopaznik and others.

The listed plants grow on unique taiga soils in mineral composition, and all useful substances pass into nectar.

Honey Kandık

Kandyk grows in mixed and coniferous Altai forests, in the Caucasus and in Kazakhstan. It is listed in the Red Book, so bees rarely manage to get nectar from it.
At crystallization such honey forms the expressed grains of color of melted milk, therefore is more often on sale in the form of a cream. At the very beginning of sugaring, it is repeatedly mixed and whipped. As a result, the honey candy becomes white and creamy. It is used for diseases of the digestive system, lungs, heart, skin diseases. Many interesting things about this you can learn from the article: Honey from Kandyk - a friend for the stomach, The treatment will take only a minute.

How honey is made in white

The varieties of white honey are described above: but how do they do it is a question that has yet to be answered. You might think that to get this product you only need bees. In fact, the work of the beekeeper is very important. After all, it is necessary to find a place where plants do not grow, giving a dark color to honey. Hives for this purpose are placed near large crops of sweet clover, alfalfa or other suitable honey-plants.
There are such white honey varieties that are not found in nature.

Mixture with royal jelly

Royal jelly is another bee product. It is very useful for many diseases and for their prevention, but in its pure form it can not be used, since it is possible to easily exceed the dose. Beekeepers have found a good solution - to make a honey mixture with the addition of milk.
White honey with royal jelly is a source of microelements and vitamins. It is effective in the prevention of atherosclerosis and heart diseases, is used in disorders of immunity, to improve blood composition. With the help of this healing mixture, bronchial asthma, colds are treated. It is believed that honey in the uterine milk contributes to the prolongation of life. More information about the beneficial properties of mother liquor can be found from the following video:

Note: royal jelly is a natural preservative, so the honey mixture lasts longer and does not go sour.


Cream-honey, or honey white whipped, is obtained by machining a freshly deflated product. After whipping, it acquires additional qualities. The consistency of the honey "cream" is similar to margarine or thick mayonnaise. He does not stick to his hands and does not leave stains on clothes, does not spoil longer. Creamy consistency persists for a year, and then crystallization occurs. Externally whipped honey of white color - almost like butter. If you are interested in this product, learn more about it by reading the article Wonderful properties of honey cream: do not get your hands dirty and do not leak from a sandwich.

Note: if honey is not heated or beaten by whipping, the beneficial properties are preserved in full, as are the flavor qualities. And some varieties( for example, rapeseed) even improve their performance.

It should be asked when buying white honey: as they say, in what area it was received and for how long. In spring almost any honey will be candied, the liquid consistency should be alarmed in terms of counterfeit.