Honey with gum cleanses blood, Vascular spasm quickly removes

Fans of a healthy lifestyle and those who are attentive to their health, have long appreciated the healing properties of such a product as honey with gum. This wood tar, having a huge set of nutrients, enhances the therapeutic effect of honey.



Zhivitsa( scientifically called turpentine) is a resin of coniferous trees that stands out as a result of bark damage.
It contains about 30% of essential oils. In addition, it is saturated with antimicrobial substances and can serve as a biologically active additive. The most useful cedar honey with gum. Among all varieties, this is considered one of the most expensive.
By purchasing such a product, you get not only a delicious treat( resin gives honey an unusual taste), but also a medicinal potion that can save you from many health problems. The most useful is not yet frozen, fresh gum.
Special properties of wood tar have been known for a long time. There are documents confirming its use in ancient Egypt. There gum, along with honey,

was used in embalming formulations, which confirms its antimicrobial potential.
Today, the terpentine is experiencing a rebirth. It is used not only for medicinal purposes, but also in industry. For example, for the production of rosin and turpentine.

Secrets of the healing remedy

Are you going to purchase honey with gum, the useful properties of which you were delighted with?
A wise solution, because this unique product is able to:

  • Prevent premature aging of the skin. Especially useful are the masks from this mixture.
  • Remove harmful chemical compounds from the body, including neutralizing the effect of dangerous medical preparations.

  • It is essential to slow down the growth and development of cancer cells, so this valuable tool is often used in oncology.
  • Recover damaged skin cells. Particularly relevant is the use of honey mixture, if you have small wounds, boils, acne.
  • Remove the spasms of the vessels, which indicates the analgesic property of this drug.
  • Reduce blood pressure and improve metabolism in the body.

But this is not all the wonders with which honey with gum is famous. The properties and capabilities of this product are truly limitless. He can improve the tone of the body, strengthen immunity, calm nerves and protect against insomnia.

Indications for use

When should a magic remedy be used? In fact, he can cope with any disease. This honey mixture is especially useful in combating such ailments as:

  • honey with gum Anemia. And other blood diseases.
  • Neurosis. Diseases of the respiratory tract( eg, bronchitis).
  • Interruptions in the work of the cardiovascular system.
  • Diseases of the stomach. It is especially useful for gastritis and ulcers.
  • Hypertension.
  • Diseases of the teeth and oral cavity.

Now you are convinced of the beneficial properties that honey and gum have, application of it for at least a month gives amazing results. Improves the condition of hair and skin, increases the body's resistance to microbes and viruses.

Contraindications to the use of

Specialists claim that this curative natural product can be used by almost everyone. He will not do any harm. The exception is those people who have an individual intolerance to any component.

A little advice: in order not to harm yourself, it is better to proceed as follows. Before the application, rub a small amount of honey with the resin in the forearm. Doing this preferably before bed. If you do not notice redness or rash in the morning, then you can safely use this product.

Use of honey with taiga resin

A miracle mixture can be prepared by yourself, if you have all the necessary ingredients. In an equal amount, mix honey and gum. However, today the pharmacy sells a ready-made product, which you can always buy.
In the recipes of traditional medicine, a remedy such as honey and oleoresin is often mentioned. How to take it right? The use of this mixture is possible, both external and internal.

Recommendations of specialists

However, it is worth remembering that:

  1. You can not take this drug for more than a month.
  2. After a month of treatment it is better to take a short break( 2-3 weeks will be enough).
  3. Then repeat the treatment.

As for the dosage of the mixture, it all depends on your disease. So, with a cold, it is recommended to eat a teaspoon of this amazing remedy twice a day.
But with gastritis, the ulcer product is consumed half an hour before each meal. At the same time, a teaspoon of resinous honey is washed down with warm water.

Honey with Gum helps to cure a cold

Traditional medicine recipes

You can use this medicinal mixture both in pure form and in combination with other ingredients.
For example, many folk healers offer such a prescription for the treatment of chronic bronchitis. Take a glass of chopped wax, flower honey, unrefined sunflower oil and turpentine. All this should be placed in an enamel saucepan and heated until the mixture has a uniform consistency. In doing so, do not forget to stir. Then pour the finished mass into a jar( of this amount, a liter of medicinal potion is obtained).Take a teaspoon for half an hour before eating. The mixture should be washed down with half a glass of hot milk. Treated in this way need 30 days. At this interval, just enough liter of the mixture.
As you can see, honey with gum is not accidentally has a huge number of dedicated fans. Indeed, thanks to its miraculous properties, it can safely be called a panacea for many troubles. Try an amazing mixture today, and tomorrow you will notice that you feel much better.