Buckwheat honey will raise immunity, Healthy person - and there is no common cold!

Buckwheat honey is a so-called monoflair variety, which is obtained from the flowers of one plant, in this case buckwheat. Fresh product can be bought, beginning from the end of June and ending with the beginning of August. In our country, the flowering of buckwheat in different regions begins at different times, and this rather long interval is associated with this. The undoubted advantage of the variety is that it is difficult to forge due to the bright aroma and dark color.

Useful qualities

honey Like all honey varieties, buckwheat honey has the following useful properties:

  • has an anti-inflammatory and immunostimulating effect on the body;
  • is rapidly digested;
  • has a slight warming effect;
  • saturates the body with essential microelements and vitamins, thereby increasing vitality;
  • normalizes metabolic processes;
  • calms the nervous system.

Buckwheat honey is rich in simple sugars, while there is almost no fat in it. The natural ingredients that make up it help fight insomnia and

stress. Due to the relatively high iron content, buckwheat honey is successfully used in the primary and secondary forms of anemia. It is useful to use in reasonable quantities to women of childbearing age. As you know, during this period the body needs an increased amount of iron.
Another property of this beekeeping product is a weak diuretic effect. Therefore, it is advisable to take it with kidney disease, cystitis, hypertension. Simple digestible sugars stimulate the cardiovascular system and improve brain activity.
Buckwheat honey is inferior in terms of caloric content to sugar and usual sweets( 100 grams - about 300 kcal, and in sugar - 400 kcal per 100 g).Therefore, it can be included in diet for weight loss. It well quenches cravings for sweets and maintains a metabolism at a normal level without harm to health.

Recommendation: that honey from buckwheat is better assimilated, it is not necessary to eat it together with fatty products( butter, etc.).It is better to mix with low-fat or low-fat cottage cheese. This will also help avoid blood glucose jumps.

When and how to use honey from buckwheat color

different colors of honey
On the left - dark buckwheat honey, on the right - linden

Buckwheat honey on medicinal properties is not inferior to other honey varieties, and in some diseases even surpasses them. This natural medicinal product is used to remove excess fluid from the body for 1-2 chayn.spoons. It is mixed with a pinch of cinnamon and washed down with a glass of slightly warm water 20 minutes before eating. The same method is suitable for warming with colds.
Advice: it is not recommended to eat honey at elevated temperature.
To increase the immunity and saturation of the body with useful substances, it is sufficient to use 1 table.spoon of product per day. With insomnia and nervous tension, it should be taken in the evening. A spoonful of honey slowly dissolve before eating.

Recipe for general strengthening

Grated ginger root in equal proportions mixed with buckwheat honey( 1 teaspoon spoon), add 2-3 drops of Echinacea tincture to alcohol. Eat 1/3 hours before meals three times a day. If there are problems with falling asleep, then before dinner, it is better to skip the reception, since the drug stimulates the nervous system.

Mixture with flower pollen

Flower pollen and honey take 1 teaspoonful.spoon and mix. This number is enough for one day. The agent saturates the tissues with vitamins and tones up the metabolic processes in them. And what exactly is the healing effect of such a duet you can learn from the article: Useful properties of honey with pollen.

Contraindications and possible side effects of

As experience shows, harm honey from buckwheat brings rarely. But still it's possible, so do not eat it in the hope of getting a positive effect sooner. Buckwheat honey in relation to good and bad can be compared to any medicine.
The correct dosage, time and frequency of administration provide a therapeutic effect. Any violation of these parameters can lead to side effects.
Therefore, in the treatment or recovery should adhere to certain rules:

  • can not drink this bee product with cold water or go to the cold, because it slightly increases the heat transfer, which can lead to colds;
  • the amount should be increased gradually, while listening to the body's reaction;
  • if you have diabetes, you should consult an endocrinologist about the possibility of using honey.

Junk effects

You can talk for a long time about what is useful buckwheat honey. But it should be borne in mind that in some cases it can also negatively affect the body. Now many people suffer from allergies.
Sometimes the reaction does not occur immediately after the use of bee products, but after a while. In this case, there may appear a perspiration in the throat, a runny nose, difficulty breathing, lacrimation. Often, these symptoms are taken for a cold, but they may well be allergic. In such cases, you must abandon the honey and see if the painful phenomena will disappear. Allergies can also be in the form of skin rashes, more often - hives.
Patients with diabetes mellitus should take very careful honey, because jumps in blood glucose are possible. And finally, excessive consumption of this sweetness, like any other, can lead to problems with excess weight.
Thus, buckwheat honey has contraindications, they are primarily related to:

  • allergy to bee products;
  • idiosyncrasy for honey( intolerance);
  • diabetes mellitus( possible only after consultation with a physician);
  • children under 2 years old;
  • pregnancy;
  • fever;
  • in significant quantities of buckwheat honey is harmful to hypertensives and people with insomnia.

How to choose honey from buckwheat

So, you decided to buy a jar of buckwheat honey: how to determine if it is natural? This is not so difficult to do. First you should pay attention to the color. It can vary from bright red to dark brown - this is the darkest honey variety. After sugaring, the color becomes lighter. Buckwheat candied honey can be seen in the photo below.
Candied honey
Sugared buckwheat honey becomes lighter

The next criterion is palatability. The taste of natural honey is slightly bitter, spicy, slightly tart. Knowledgeable people note that after buckwheat honey there is a slight sore throat.
And one more item - a consistence. The fresh product is homogeneous. If you rub a drop between your fingers, it will absorb into the skin. The forgery leaves a lump on the fingers when rubbing. You can also test it in another way. If the recently pumped honey is taken with a spoon or a stick, it will pour out a continuous stream. If the jet is interrupted, you should be alert. The following video gives advice on how to choose honey:

Important: although the benefits of buckwheat honey are not in doubt, before using it for medical purposes, it is better to consult a doctor.