The pain in the head is rapidly weakening, the Donnikov honey will overcome it!

Donnikovy honey is considered to be one of the most useful varieties not only for adults, but also for children. Donnik is a wild plant from the family of legumes, small flowers of which have a white or yellow color. He is a valuable honey-bearer, from his nectar the bees produce honey, unique for their taste and medicinal qualities.

Useful properties

Donnion honey Donnikovy honey with its useful properties is due to the honey plant, from which it absorbs many vitamins, trace elements and biologically active substances. Under the influence of bee enzymes, new properties are added to the properties of the plant itself. The chemical composition of this natural product can rightfully be called its dietary. This honey has an immunomodulating and antiseptic( antimicrobial) effect.

It is useful for breastfeeding women to take it to maintain lactation and improve the vitamin qualities of milk. Thanks to spasmolytic action, he relieves pain in the abdomen with menstruation, constipation, flatulence. Also helps honey

and with diseases of the mammary glands( mastitis, lactostasis, cysts, etc.), as it possesses a resorptive property. It is used in rheumatology for arthritis and arthrosis, tumors of joints and bones.

Honey comb, thanks to the property of normalizing the activity of the immune system, helps in the treatment of autoimmune diseases, immunodeficiencies and other immunity disorders. It also has a restorative effect, it can be called a natural energy. About other useful qualities of honey you can learn from the video at the end of the article.

Methods of honey application from sweet clover

Honey from nectar of yellow or white clover is used for treatment and prevention of colds( pharyngitis, tonsillitis, tracheitis, bronchitis, etc.).To stimulate immunity, it is sufficient to use 25 g daily for adults and 10-15 g for children. There is no need to increase the dose, since this does not affect the quality of the immune response.

Donnikovy honey has a healing property that consists in improving peripheral circulation, including in the mammary glands. To increase the production of milk, lactating women are recommended to take one dessert spoonful of honey after breakfast, lunch and dinner. You can drink it with special herbal teas and decoctions of herbs that improve lactation. These drinks must necessarily be warm.

Important: during lactation it is necessary to follow the reaction of the child. If there is an allergy, you should immediately stop taking honey.

Honey from the sweet clover supports the body with hypothyroid conditions, when there is a deficiency of thyroid hormones. It is enough 1-2 table.spoons a day. The same dose restores the body after a long illness.

Treatment of broncho-pulmonary diseases

With bronchitis, laryngitis, tracheitis, pneumonia, folk medicine offers the following remedy. Take a fairly large black radish, carefully wash and cut out its core in the form of a cone. In the recess put a tablespoon of honey melon and leave for 24-36 hours. Gradually, in the deepening begins to be allocated juice, which dissolves honey. Drink remedy for 1 table.spoon 15 minutes before the main meals.

External application

Mask for the face of honey
Masks with honeycomb honey are well suited for oily and combination skin

Honey on the basis of sweet nectar is good for skin diseases and improves skin condition by cleaning it. For licking and washing, honey is added to warm water. Washing with honey water is saved from furuncles, acne, acne, eliminate the increased fat content.

With problematic skin it is useful to make a face mask of cucumber and honey. For this, 200 g of fresh cucumbers are rubbed on a large grater and added to a mass of 1 teaspoonful.a spoonful of sweet honey. This composition disinfects, nourishes and moisturizes the skin, removes greasy shine, but does not dry, like many alcohol lotions and tonics. For dry skin, a little cream should be added to the mask.

Treatment of tuberculosis

Donic honey can be used in the complex treatment of tuberculosis and various autoimmune diseases, as it normalizes the activity of the immune system. For this purpose, sometimes the daily dose is increased to 50 g for adults and up to 30 g for children.

Application in Cardiology

There is an opinion that honeycomb honey is harmful in hypertension and many other pathologies of the heart, as honey plants contain coumarin. This substance is able to raise arterial systolic pressure and stimulate the work of the heart. But in some sources, sweet honey is recommended for the expansion of coronary vessels of the heart in ischemic disease and improvement of peripheral circulation.

Important: In the presence of cardiovascular disease, it is necessary to consult a doctor about the treatment of bee products.


Regular use of honey honey is a great health benefit. But like other honey varieties, it is not recommended for children under 2 years old. It should be abandoned if there is an allergy to bee products( including bee venom) and legumes, since the sweet clover refers to the family of legumes. Use with caution in diabetes, hypertension and overweight.


Honey from sweet clover has a pale yellow or slightly greenish hue. Sugared it quickly, so on sale is rarely found in liquid form. The aroma and taste of it contain a delicate vanilla note. Such honey is easy enough to confuse with rapeseed, but the latter is characterized by sugary taste and lack of vanilla flavor. The honey of honey on the photo from below was already candied and became lighter.

Frozen honeycomb honey
After solidification the honeycomb becomes almost white

How to choose

There are not many contraindications, and the medicinal properties of the product are very diverse. If you want to improve your body, make it so that children are less sick, just get a jar of honey honey for the winter.

When choosing, you should look at the color and consistency of the product. Candied honeyberry honey color is similar to melted butter, less often - to lard( especially from white clover).The consistency is almost homogeneous, the grains are almost invisible to the naked eye. Well, you should pay attention to the smell. Vanilla flavor should be slightly noticeable, very weak. If you feel a strong vanilla scent, then you have a fake. To avoid buying such a product, it will be useful to know everything about the falsification of honey. To do this, we suggest you read the article: Know how to check the purchased honey, and forgery undetected will not work!