Honey with motley grass: a special taste and medicinal qualities of natural medicine

The sources of honey for herbage are floral plants, trees and grass growing in one area. The world of the product is also known as polyflora honey( "polys" - numerous, "fleur" - flower).

Flower meadow
Honey sources of herbs - meadow, steppe, forest and mountain plants, trees, grasses

The nectar of bee plants is harvested from May to August, creating a curative remedy for the treatment and prevention of many diseases. A fragrant aroma, pleasant taste, useful properties of honey from motley grass make it a first-rate, popular product of nature, serving both a treat and a medicine.

Characteristics of polyflora honey

Amazing modifications of

The product collected in meadows, forest clearings and cultivated areas is considered to be a unique tool. Its sources are: clover, chamomile, cornflower, plantain, dandelion, sunflower, raspberry, viburnum and many other plants. They are grouped into mountain, meadow, steppe and forest flora, while the honey of each group turns out to be unlike a colleague from

another region.

Warning! Honey herb, collected even from the same territory, each time will change its taste and healing properties. It is impossible to accurately reproduce its aroma, color and taste, for the reason that the nectar contains a certain amount of the pollen of a particular plant.

It is only necessary to change the proportions, as the biological composition and useful properties of honey will become completely different. This fact also depends on the fact that on each territory of the collection grows its assortment of honey plants.

Color, taste, aroma

The predominance in the product of any ingredient and affects the characteristics of honey. So, in some beekeepers it turns out to be light amber, fragrant scents of field herbs. While in others, honey acquires a dark brown color and a bitter taste. In general, the color of the product varies from light yellow to almost black, and the taste may surprise with sugary sweetness or notes of burning bitterness. In any case, it will be gentle, with pronounced flower shades. The smell of honey from herbs is pleasant, unobtrusive, although there are varieties with the aggressive flavor of the field flora.

Important! Distinctive features of the product - rapid crystallization( three weeks) in a fine or coarse-grained mass, thick consistency, opacity.

Mildew honey
The product is easily discernible in a thick consistency, rich in amber color and floral aroma.

. Chemical proportions.

. A product called motley grass is popular among folk and as honey meadow, floral or May. In every country it is called differently. Honey contains an impressive number of biologically active substances. There is also easily digestible glucose, fructose, nutrient macro and microelements, vitamin groups, enzymes and antioxidants. Due to such an unusual composition, the product from herbage is so useful for the human body.

Curative effect of

Useful properties of honey with herbs determines the dominance of these or other honey plants:

  • Thyme - irreplaceable for colds, respiratory diseases and digestive disorders.
  • Chaiber - has a diuretic, astringent and sweating action, it can neutralize the processes of putrefaction in the body. It is prescribed for vomiting, diarrhea, intestinal diseases.
  • Sage - has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial effect in skin diseases, the presence of festering wounds, burns and ulcers.
  • Clover - used for colds and allergic diseases, it has expectorant, diuretic and analgesic properties. Clover also acts as a natural antiseptic.
Meadow honey
The useful properties of honey is affected by the predominance of a particular plant

The effect of medicinal herbs, which become the ingredients of honey mixed herbs, can be spoken endlessly. Let's consider a specific range of its medicinal qualities.

Therapeutic power of the natural medicine

The benefits of polyflorous honey are great and multifaceted. People fully had time to evaluate his healing power, actively using the product for the prevention and therapy of an impressive number of diseases. Honey has powerful antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. As mentioned above, it also acts as a diuretic, choleretic, anti-inflammatory and analgesic. It is irreplaceable honey for colds, as well as for healing nerves, heart diseases, liver and circulatory system. The product is used for diseases of the teeth and mouth, intestines and kidneys, as well as to strengthen immunity.

Warning! Thanks to the content of nutritional elements, polyfloral honey reduces appetite without harm to the body. Honey wraps, three-time intake of a product mixed with lemon juice helps to lose weight and get rid of fat deposits.

Useful properties of meadow honey appeared in the cosmetic sphere: masks based on it perfectly moisturize, nourish, tonify and rejuvenate the skin. It prevents wrinkles and reduces the aggressive impact of environmental factors - wind, frost and sun.

Honey comb
The product of herbs helps save a lot of diseases and extra pounds

In addition, the beekeeping product removes stresses, headaches, stimulates brain activity and exerts an invigorating effect on the body. Honey from mixed herbs helps with radiculitis and rheumatism, cures gastritis and improves sleep.

Honey meadow( motley grass, polyflora, May, floral) is a real storehouse of nutrients and trace elements. Regular use of it will save your body from many ailments and ailments, the soul - from stress and anxious thoughts, and the skin - from wrinkles and dryness.