The corn rod is easy to remove, If the pulp of aloe is applied there!

Many with the onset of heat are faced with such a nuisance as the core corn. It often appears on the soles of the feet( in the area of ​​the heel, thumb or little finger), and causes the wearer to feel pain and discomfort.

Features of the structure

corn with a rod Externally, such a callus is similar to a rounded tubercle, formed by coarse skin.
In the center there is a hole in which the hat is located. Under it is the root( or as it is also called - the rod), which goes deep into the skin. It is he who creates a kind of barrier that does not allow you to quickly get rid of such a callus.
If such pathological formations appear in a child, it is better to remove the cores of calluses by an experienced specialist.

Causes of corn with a rod inside the

There are two main causes that lead to the formation of corn callosity.


When the skin is exposed to an external mechanical traumatic factor in the form of a deep splinter or small foreign bodies( eg, a pebble, etc.), the integrity of t

he epidermis is impaired. In response to such stimulation, its cells begin to be divided intensively, leading to the formation of a defect in the coarsened region.


Often the core corn is formed as a consequence of the penetration into the body of a pathological agent - a dermatotropic virus.
Corns with a rod on the hands( in the palm, hand joints) are the result of non-observance of the elementary rules when working with tools( ignoring gloves, etc.).
In addition, if you do not get rid of the wet callus in time, it is able to "transform" into a dry one, and then into a core one.

Treatment of

If core corn is detected, treatment is mandatory to avoid unwanted complications.

Professional techniques

To get yourself this trouble is not a tricky business. But in order to completely get rid of the corn callus may take a lot of time.
Many cosmetic clinics provide the following services:

  • The drill method is to use a special cutter used for carrying out a hardware pedicure. With its help, a specialist can completely( together with the root) remove corn, without damaging nearby healthy tissues.

    After this procedure, anti-inflammatory and antifungal topical treatment is mandatory.

  • removal of callus Cryodestruction is a procedure in which corn is treated with liquid nitrogen( 30-40 seconds).As a result, the keratinized epidermis easily peels off, and the corn is removed along with the internal contents. Today, this technique is used quite widely, because it is effective and affordable.
  • The removal of the core corn by a laser is performed when the specialist deals with a neglected case. The plus of this technique is that laser beams are able to penetrate the skin at any desired depth, and completely remove the core, while killing those present in the zone of the pathological focus of bacterial agents. After such intervention, complications of inflammatory nature do not occur.

We remove the corn of the house

If you can not use the help of professionals, it is possible to try to get rid of the core callus yourself.

  1. Cutting the corn( eg with a razor) is effective only if the inner core is completely removed.

    Important! !If you decide to remove corn with the core yourself, without recourse to a specialist, remember that the risk of infection is high. In addition, the mechanical method is recommended to be used only after the preliminary steaming of the pathological formation, and only in the case of a recently appeared corn with a shallow root.

  2. Treatment of corn on the legs can be carried out by resorting to the funds purchased from the pharmacy. These are all kinds of creams, special ointments and solutions, patches.

    Important! Use keratolytic drugs with caution, because the underlying component( salicylic acid) not only cleans the skin well from the layer of coarsened cells, but can also damage healthy tissues.

We get rid of core calluses with folk methods

Traditional medicine has in its arsenal a number of effective tools that allow to completely "remove" the core corn.

Acetic essence

At first it is necessary to stick adhesive plaster( usual) gently on all sides so as not to damage the healthy skin areas adjacent to the pathological focus. Then an acetic essence is collected in the pipette, and gently drips into the center of the callus - at the very top. The procedure is carried out several times, depending on the "age" and the depth of the callus.

Healing onion( or garlic)

In the fight against core corn, fresh juice or plant mush is used. It must be applied to the pathological focus, previously softened, and fixed with a bandage. If the rod "went away" is not too far away, in 12-15 procedures it is possible to completely "remove" the corn. You can also use the pulp( or juice) of aloe.

Baths made of soda

If you get a fresh corn on the foot for treatment, you can use the means available to each: a little soap and soda. To prepare the tray, take hot water and add the above components to it. After immersing the feet in the solution for 30-40 minutes. More often, 6-10 such procedures are sufficient for complete "retreat" of the callus. If there is no soda, the bath can be done by adding a dry mustard powder to the water.


If pricked corn appeared to treat folk remedies, you can use lotion from prunes. For this, a stone is removed from it, and placed in hot milk. Then, without letting it cool, prunes are applied to the corn. As soon as it cools, take another, hot. The duration of the procedure is 30-40 minutes.