Pigmented spots spoil our view - lemon and peeling them will remove!

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Only constantly striving for perfection, you can make beauty your most important weapon!

Any woman dreams to be irresistible and have perfect skin without acne, unevenness and pigmentation spots. Pimples and irregularities are easily masked with cosmetics, and pigmentation is not easy to hide.
Removal of age spots on the face is a rather long process. Currently, there is a large number of effective modern techniques and time-tested traditional medicine used to whiten the skin.
There are two ways to get rid of this problem: economical and more expensive. If there is an opportunity, it is better to spend it, having addressed for the help to professionals and quickly to deduce maculae. In an unstable financial environment, you can use another option that does not require special investment. Before applying traditional medicine, one should take into account the state of one's own health, since side effects are possible from the treatment, and it is also necessary to get advice from an experienc

ed cosmetologist who will determine the type and characteristics of the skin.

Folk methods

Face whitening from pigmented spots can be carried out using folk methods that are considered the most accessible. But not all methods of traditional medicine are safe, among them a large number of questionable.

Before applying the product on the face, it should be tested on the skin near the elbow. In the absence of allergic symptoms within half an hour from the time of application, you can apply the medicine to its intended use.


Lemon is a plant-based product that allows you to whiten your face from pigmented spots in a relatively short time. This is a fairly common, safe and accessible to everyone technique, consisting in washing or rubbing the skin with lemon juice.
With the help of cosmetics, the face is cleaned before the procedure, peeling is done, cleansing the skin of harmful substances, old and dead particles. Then take a cut into several pieces of lemon and spend it, a little pressing down, on the problem areas. You can squeeze out lemon juice, mix it with water and wash with such a compound every morning.
The action of lemon juice is to reduce the amount of pigment spots and lighten the skin. But this technique is imperfect because it has contraindications and side effects.
Microtrauma, pimples and cuts do not allow the treatment of pigment spots on the face with the help of lemon. This is due to the aggressive action of lemon juice on damaged sensitive tissues, which can lead to pain and discomfort. In this case, the bleaching is transferred for an indefinite period, until all the existing defects are completely healed on the skin of the face.
Another contraindication is the sensitive face skin, as there is a risk of allergic reactions.

Mask of salt and oil

An alternative to lemon bleaching is the use of a mask made from olive oil and salt. Homogeneous mush is applied to the face in the morning every day. Lightening of age spots on the face is due to rapid cleansing and regular peeling. After applying the mask, keep half an hour, and then rinse with clean water. Such a mask, like lemon bleaching, requires the constant use of moisturizing cream, since such procedures for the skin - a great stress.

Cucumber pickle

In ancient times, cucumber brine was considered one of the best cosmetics and was widely used by beauties to remove pigment spots from the face. Not only did they wash their brine, they washed their bodies. This was done to obtain a lighter skin, which was considered at that time a sign of noble origin. This procedure was quite effective, because rural girls spent a lot of time under the sun.


There are quite a few recipes of folk medicine using herbs to lighten the skin of the face. The most effective in this respect is the celandine. It is used to remove warts and eliminate other skin problems. Pigmented spots are treated with celandine juice, paying special attention to the darkest and largest areas of the area.


cosmetical tools Ready creams and masks stand apart, as they promise a quick whitening effect, but this does not always happen. Manufacturers of cosmetics simply earn on the desire of people to be beautiful. It should be remembered that creams and masks do not work right away and the first result can be noticed only after several months of continuous use of the drug. The means of well-known manufacturers can be trusted, as they value their reputation and will not deceive the consumer.
Regular use of some bleaching creams can harm your skin. To prevent this from happening, you need to buy these drugs in specialized stores or pharmacies that have a product certificate. But even using proven products, there is no guarantee that there will be a momentary transformation. Clarifying pigment spots on the face is a long and painstaking work.

Modern methods of treatment

To remove pigmented spots on the face, only modern technologies - light, laser and some other novelties - are capable of quickly and qualitatively. These methods allow you to notice a positive result after the first clarification procedure. With special tools, the beautician whitens the pigment spots on the face.

  • Phototherapy is the process of dosed effect on areas of hyperpigmentation with a long-lasting effect.
  • Laser grinding is a rather expensive procedure, giving an almost instantaneous result.
  • Chemical peeling of the face from pigmented spots is suitable for lovers of conservative interventions. This is not quite a pleasant procedure, because it involves the exposure of various acids to the skin. After about ten sessions the pigmentation disappears, but when it is under the sun it can quickly return.
  • Ultrasonic peeling is performed in ten sessions. Its efficiency is high, and the cost is average, so this method is widely used. After such a procedure, sunbathing is prohibited, as the spots can return.