Hot bath with essential oil - Treat dry calluses on legs so effectively!

Dry calluses are the result of wearing tight shoes, which rubs the skin of the legs in certain places. Most often, the formation of such thickenings affects the little fingers, thumbs and feet. But since completely refuse shoes today is not possible, you have to start a serious treatment of dry calluses on the legs.

corn on the finger

How to cure calluses at home?

To get rid of unpleasant cosmetic defects, which are small yellow-gray formations, you can do it yourself with the help of folk methods. Such treatment of dry corns does not require large material costs, and at the same time it is often enough to solve an existing problem. But still, if all attempts to remove the callus did not bring the expected results, it is worthwhile to see a doctor for help.

Caution! You can start self-medication only by being completely convinced of the absence of a fungal infection.

The easiest way to get rid of calluses

The most common way to deal with dry callus on the foot or fingers is helping soap and soda baths.
To prepare them will not take much time and energy, and the effect will not keep you waiting.
In the basin pour 1 liter of warm water and add a small amount of soda and soap. In order for the legs to steam up enough for only 15 minutes, after that, the problem area is rubbed with pumice and rinsed with clean water. At the end of the procedure, the feet are wiped dry with a towel and lubricated with a nutritious cream.
If time permits, it is better to stop using pumice and extend the treatment time to 30 minutes. To achieve maximum effect in the solution, you can add infusion of chamomile. With this approach, dry skin will begin to exfoliate independently after 5-10 trays.
A soda-soap tray can also be considered as a preparatory procedure before starting to treat dry callus with more serious methods.

Compresses and other ways of

The easiest way to deal with the problem is using a patch from dry calluses. It should be glued on clean and steamed skin for 2-3 days, only after that the adhesive can be removed. Therefore, this method is more suitable for very lazy or overly busy people, but it is much less efficient than the folk recipes listed below.

  1. A dry callus on the little finger of a leg or other finger can be removed with the help of garlic and fat. To prepare the compress, garlic is pressed, and the resulting mass is rubbed on one side with a slice of fat, which is then tied to the affected area with garlic-rubbed side for the night.
  2. At night, a half-cut aloe leaf or natural propolis is bandaged to dry callus.
  3. bow The callus works well with corns, as well as its husks. The outer shell of onions contains a huge amount of substances necessary for humans and has long been used in folk medicine. Read the article Onion husks - this is not garbage, but a powerful cocktail of nutrients and learn about it in detail.
    So, how do you apply onions to treat calluses? It needs to be crushed and insisted in vinegar for 2 weeks. To prepare the compress, use the husk husk, which is pressed from the vinegar, which is applied at night to a dry callus on the sole of the foot, which was previously lubricated with a very greasy cream or petroleum jelly.
  4. A good effect gives a mixture of vaseline and fresh herb celandine juice, taken in a 4: 1 ratio.
  5. Compresses from grated raw potatoes help to remove pain. It is wrapped in cheesecloth and tied to the right place for a couple of hours.
  6. In a glass of milk, boil until tender, 100 g of prunes without pits, cool a bit and apply to dry callus on the toe until it cools completely.
  7. From the flowers of calendula and a small amount of hot water, a gruel is prepared, which is immediately applied to the affected area under the bandage. For a longer period of time, a woolen toe is worn on the leg. After 10 procedures, the callus completely softens and will be ready to be removed.

Attention! Do not try to cut yourself out yourself, burn with acids or other cardinal means to remove dry calluses, as this can result in infection and more serious health problems.


To dry callouses do not cloud the photo and life with your presence, you need to be very careful about your feet and take care of their health. First of all you need:

  • often change shoes, because there are no two absolutely identical pairs that would rub their feet in the same places;
  • avoid tight shoes, and in the summer also closed;
  • stop wearing synthetic socks.

If on the legs are already beginning to appear suspicious places with coarse skin, this may indicate the rapid appearance of corns. Therefore, in such cases, you need to start doing soap-soda baths several times a week and treat the affected areas not only with a fat cream, but also with a solution of camphor alcohol.