Smoothies with cottage cheese are not only delicious, but also nutritious

Smoothies first appeared in Latin America, and it was conditioned by the habit of the inhabitants of this country to drink freshly squeezed juices. Later this drink was recognized in other countries of the world. In contrast to juices, it contains a large amount of valuable fiber, and the vitamin composition remains the same. In this article, we suggest that you consider several recipes for smoothies with cottage cheese, which will saturate the body with protein and calcium.

Curd smoothies
Smoothies with cottage cheese are nourishing, wholesome and nutritious

In addition, this sour-milk product will make the drink more nutritious and nutritious, so this smoothie can replace a full breakfast. Cottage cheese cocktails bring immense benefit to both adults and children, and especially those who suffer from calcium deficiency. And thanks to other ingredients, cottage cheese is easily digested and gives a huge charge of energy, which is enough until the next meal.

Cooking recipes

Recipes smoothies with cu

rd can include a variety of ingredients. If you wish to make a dessert, then safely put fruit and honey in the blender. Vegetable cocktail will be an excellent solution for a lunch break, and greens and other products of emerald color are suitable for a light dinner and also cleanse the body.

Tip! Do not limit yourself to only those ingredients that you see in these recipes. Fantasize, creating something new and original, and always rely on your own taste. If you do not like any products, then they can be replaced by others and completely excluded from the structure.

Banana and orange

Curd smoothies with banana and orange are very satisfying and tasteful. The orange will give a pleasant sourness and saturate the body with vitamin C, and the banana will make the texture of the drink soft and give the necessary sweetness.

  1. Clear half of the orange, remove the bones and separate the fillets.
  2. Banana peel and cut into slices.
  3. Fold the fruits in a blender and add 50-70 g of cottage cheese.
  4. Whatever.

Fruit cocktail
This cocktail is suitable for breakfast or afternoon tea

Strawberry and oat flakes

Daily use of strawberries helps to strengthen the immunity and the walls of blood vessels. And oat flakes have long won the palm tree among all other oatmeal products.

  1. A tablespoon of flakes to brew in a small amount of boiling water.
  2. 150 g of strawberries wash, separate the stems.
  3. Prepared ingredients put in the bowl of the combine, add a teaspoon of honey and 70 g of cottage cheese.
  4. Whip until smooth.

Tip! If desired, oat flakes can be replaced with rice, buckwheat or any other that you like.

Be sure to enjoy the taste of this wonderful drink

Pomegranate and currant

Pomegranate contains absolutely all the substances necessary for the normal functioning of the body, and currant is the leader among other berries in terms of the amount of minerals, vitamins and other nutrients.

  1. Take a glass of berries, wash, drain the water.
  2. From the pomegranate seeds squeeze 125 ml of juice.
  3. Fold the ingredients in a blender, add 100 g of cottage cheese and a teaspoon of honey.
  4. All to shake.

Tip! Squeeze pomegranate juice is very simple - fold the corn into a whole plastic bag and walk on it with a rolling pin.

Smoothies of berries
This is a real vitamin fountain

Apple and banana

Smoothies with curd, apple and banana can be eaten instead of breakfast. Apple effectively reduces cholesterol in the blood, contains valuable fibers and pectins.
  • One green apple and a banana peeled and cut.
  • Put in the bowl of the combine, add 70 g of cottage cheese and a spoonful of honey.
  • Mix all ingredients until smooth.

Tip! Do not forget that the apple and banana, when in contact with the air, begin to oxidize quickly and darken, so this smoothie should be drunk immediately after preparation.

Fruit puree
Tasty, Fast and Easy

Pumpkin and Grapefruit

For a juicy color a pumpkin is called a solar berry. It contains a unique vitamin complex and is easily absorbed by the body. Grapefruit removes excess fluid from the body and promotes weight loss.

  1. 100 g pumpkin peel and cut into small pieces.
  2. 4-5 grapefruit lobules to peel off the seeds and separate the flesh.
  3. Products put in a combine, add 50 g of cottage cheese, a little honey.
  4. All to shake.
Smoothies with cinnamon
Add cinnamon to your taste and enjoy

Green smoothies with curds

This recipe will be appreciated by those who lead an active lifestyle and go in for sports. This drink is similar in composition to the protein cocktail, as it is rich in calcium and proteins.

  1. Take a few stalks of dill, basil, cilantro, celery stalk, wash and dry.
  2. Fresh cucumber peel.

  3. Fold the ingredients in a blender, add half a glass of low-fat kefir and 100 g of cottage cheese.
  4. All to shake.
Green cocktail
This organic smoothie perfectly refreshes and fills with energy

Carrots and orange

Try a magical drink that will benefit not only your body, but will also take care of your face and body.

Smoothies with carrots
Blow up this carotene bomb and enjoy the result of
  1. One small carrot wash and clean.
  2. Half the oranges milled and free from bones.
  3. Add the ingredients to the combine, add 70 g of cottage cheese, a little honey and 100 ml of kefir.
  4. Ingredients to beat.

Drink curd smoothies for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Experiment with recipes and be healthy!