To heal your hair, just brew nettle

Nettle for beauty of hair
Nettle broth will return your vitality to your hair.

Herbal infusions are very popular in the field of cosmetology. They are effective, easy to prepare and most importantly, the components that make up their composition are generally available. Today we will consider a decoction of nettle for hair, which, if properly prepared, will cure them of many cosmetic defects.

This remedy is an activator of their growth and is much more powerful than many shop drugs, as nettle is an inexhaustible source of nutrients. It strengthens the bulbs, saturates each hair with vitamins, making them shiny and healthy.

How does this tool work?

Nettle contains in its composition a huge amount of useful substances that penetrate into each hair and subcutaneous layers and begin to actively work. Consider the action of each component of the drug separately:

  • vitamin A - promotes active hair growth, "awakens" frozen bulbs and heals wounds on the scalp;
  • vitamin C - stimulates blood circulation in blood v
    essels and saturates tissues with oxygen, which also causes hair to grow much faster;
  • vitamin K - makes the hair shiny and radiant, responsible for pigmentation and gives them a rich color;
  • carotene - very important for oily hair, as it intensely saturates the scalp with moisture and normalizes the work of the sebaceous glands;
  • tannins - have a calming effect on irritated areas of the scalp, make the curls elastic and smooth, thanks to them the hair becomes obedient and easily fit into the hair;
  • flavonoids - help to fight with loss, effectively strengthening each follicle;
  • organic acids - activate metabolic processes in hair follicles.
Infusion of nettle leaf
This unique herb, being correctly brewed, is able to replace some expensive salon preparations

It's important to know! Nettle is able to show a fairly aggressive effect, so use a decoction follows all the rules. Otherwise, you risk damaging your hair and scalp.

Many women forget about the high efficiency of folk remedies, preferring cosmetic procedures with the use of synthetic drugs. Undoubtedly, the atmosphere and courteous service in beauty salons often bribes, but pharmacological agents often do more harm than good. The broth of nettle cope with the task in hand is more than good - it eliminates dandruff, strengthens the hair follicles and stops their loss. The natural shade of curls is restored in a short time, they become soft and silky.

Used nettle broth more often as a conditioner for hair. It stimulates their growth, activating the activity of each bulb. With its regular application, you can see the result after 2 months - the hair will become much thicker and longer. In addition, the fat balance will be restored, and they will become smooth, shiny and will become elastic.

The plant darkens the hair
This natural product will give a noticeable effect after several treatments.

. Recipes for cooking

. Nettle broth is prepared very simply. The main thing is to choose the right raw materials. Dry collection can be purchased at the pharmacy, but for the best result it is worth using fresh leaves. Suitable for both young and mature shoots of nettle, but in the latter case it is necessary to tear off only the top leaves, you can directly with inflorescences and seeds.

As mentioned above, most of the broth is used for rinsing, but in addition to this method, there are also rubbing in the roots of the hair. Let's look at each recipe in more detail.

Decoction for rubbing

  1. Leaves and roots of nettle to grind.
  2. Two tablespoons of raw material to pour 200 ml of water.
  3. Bring to a boil and cook over low heat for 30 minutes.
  4. Cool the broth at room temperature and filter.

A warm product to rub into the scalp after washing your hair.

Rinse Gum

  1. Put 500 g of nettle leaves into a container. Pour 500 ml of boiling water.
  2. Boil over low heat for 10 minutes.
  3. Medium cool and filter.

A ready-made broth should be rinsed after each wash.

Important! Every time you should use a freshly prepared product, only in this case you will achieve the desired effect.

How to properly rinse hair?

Any procedure requires compliance with certain rules, and rinsing with a decoction is no exception. What needs to be done?

  • Ready broth should be diluted in warm boiled water in a ratio of 1: 4.
  • Add a teaspoon of baking soda to soften the remedy.
  • Pour the diluted broth into a convenient container - the pelvis.
  • Bend over the pelvis and water the hair for 5 minutes.
  • After the procedure, wrap the hair with a towel, get wet, but do not wipe dry.
  • Allow the locks to dry at room temperature.

Rinses can be done every other day. The duration of the course is 20-30 days. After a month's break, the course is repeated.

Warning! Nettle broth is not recommended for dry hair.

By following these rules, you can significantly improve the condition of your hair. Regular use of nettle decoction will allow you to return the health of your hair in a short period of time without using expensive medications.