Ice for the face with their own hands: hiking to the beautician is no longer needed

  1. Cold recovery. The tradition of antiquity
  2. Ice for the face and for the whole body. The benefits of the
  3. procedure. Cons of the
  4. procedure. How to prepare ice at home.
  5. Ice cubes for the health and beauty of the face and neck. Recipes

The life of a modern woman is not what she was before. In our time, the fair sex can no longer be called weak. The loads that they stand on the road to independence are enormous, and this can not but affect health and appearance, and it is for a woman all. To restore the beauty of the skin and prevent unpleasant consequences, you can use a very simple and effective tool - it's ice for the face. Next, you will find a lot of useful information on this issue.

Ice for the face with your own hands
Ice can make all

Cooling well. The tradition of antiquity

Before you learn about the positive effect of the procedures, what recipes you can use, it is worth noting that people started to use cold, not now. Of course, an effective and fashionable treatment called cryot

herapy, which is offered in beauty salons, clinics, the discovery of modern scientists, but opened the wonderful benefit of wiping the face with ice, using snow and cold is far from them.

The peoples of the north are already suffering from cold for many hundreds of years. For example, the Eskimos, in order to gain strength before the polar winter, washed the snow, which first fell out in the new year. Thousands of years ago in ancient China, all women used ice cubes with herbs for the face. But even now Chinese women and Japanese women are famous for their youthful faces.

But what to go far, because our Russia, too, was no exception. Women often washed themselves with snow, so that their skin was blush, white, young and fresh. Moreover, the great Catherine II, the empress of all Russia, daily wiped ice and snow. Men, too, in our country from the end of the centuries were not afraid of the cold, only diving into the ice-hole and snow after the bath is worth. Hence our Russian powerful spirit and invincible power.

Assorted ice
Interesting cubes will help to be beautiful and the mood lift

Ice for the face and for the whole body. Benefits of the

procedure Of course, there are many advantages to cold therapy, but there are some disadvantages, they should be remembered. Also, if you do not have good health, then before you start treatment or just cosmetic face washing, it is best to consult a doctor.

Tip! To prepare ice cubes for the face, use different recipes and molds that you can buy in the store. So, you will not only heal your skin, but also recharge with positive from the look of interesting figures of different shapes and colors every day.

Ice - cosmetic means
The benefits of ice were known even thousands of years before us.

The benefits of the procedure:

  • The effect of cold stimulates blood flow, capillaries expand, which leads to improved face color, increased metabolic rate, purification.
  • Pores taper, which closes access to penetrate dust, dirt, pathogenic environment. All this leads to acne, inflammation, rash, which people can fight for years.
  • If you do not know how to remove the swelling from your face, then the ice will help you. The main thing is to choose the right components, they are lower. You can also make ice lotions.
  • Because of blood circulation and timely cell renewal, the skin not only acquires a healthy appearance, but scarring, red and blue spots after acne become less noticeable.
  • Skin tightens, and the fact that ice cubes can smooth out superficial wrinkles, women have long been tested by experience.
  • Cold hardens the skin, making it healthy, smooth, supple, silky.
  • If ice cubes are made with any component for scrubbing, then salon peeling will not be needed for you.

Recommendation! Make ice for your face based on strong natural coffee. It will not only act positively, as it was said earlier, but at the expense of the thicket it will have the effect of scrubbing, which will remove excess particles. But you must remember the brown streaks.

Cons of procedure

Very often the line between useful and harmful is thin, that's with the ice the same situation. And a rather useful procedure may not suit everyone.

  1. Do not use ice for those who have ulcers on the tissues. You can damage them and bring inflammation. In this case, the procedure can be done if in the basis of ice cubes for the face there are antiseptics, you can find their recipes further. And here the permission of the dermatologist is required.
  2. If you are often ill with inflammatory diseases of the nasopharynx, then the cold can aggravate the situation, lead to an exacerbation, colds.
  3. If you have a seasonal cold allergy, then you can not take risks.
  4. Prohibited the procedure and those who have couperose. Otherwise, there is a risk of exacerbation of the condition.
  5. Do not use ice for people with thin and sensitive skin, as this washing can be very aggressive.
  6. If there are diseases of blood vessels, cardiovascular system, then therapy can be carried out only under the supervision of a doctor.
  7. It is impossible for those who have an opening wound, skin diseases, eczema.
Cold for the face
Sometimes ice is contraindicated

Important! Do not forget not only to wipe your face with ice, but use it for the neck and décolleté zone. These parts of the body always give age and require careful care from a young age.

How to make ice at home

It would seem that here is complicated. But there are nuances in this simple matter. To make medicinal ice, you must pre-select components for it, buy herbs, essential oils. Do not just do one kind of ice, because the skin can get used to the composition and not respond to the procedure. Every day it is better to alternate 2-3 different cubes.

Citrus ice cubes
Cubes can be made from all

To prepare, you will need molds that often come complete with a refrigerator or are sold freely in many stores. Often for ice use beautiful silicone molds for baking sweets. Of course, you can buy ready-made cosmetic ice for a person who uses at home, but produces different companies. Such a product can be bought at cosmetics stores, a pharmacy.

To select the components you need to competently. If you have a rash and you need to remove it, then use herbs or essential oils with antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effects, such as chamomile, St. John's wort, tea tree oil. The same goes for the components for wrinkle cubes. Then you get a double effect from both the ice and the component in the composition.

How to make ice cubes without molds - and this question is often asked. In fact, it is very simple, because you can use any improvised material. For example, plastic cups, candy-shaped shapes, lids, children's designers, baking dishes. The main thing is that you must thoroughly rinse the containers before cooking. Ice is easy to prepare, but it must be made according to the rules.

Right ice for the face - what is it?

  • Water must be clean. For this, filtered, boiled, settled, purchased bottled water is taken.
  • It is best to do a slow freeze to wash ice cubes. That is, the temperature in the freezer is set at -1 degrees. So all the bubbles will come out, and there will be no unevenness in the surface, which can scratch. Well, the product will be clean without any clouding.
  • If you are preparing ice based on decoctions or infusions of herbs, then pre-filter them. Wipe the face will be easier, and the remains of grass will not be strewed like garbage.
  • If you want beautiful ice, you can take not only interesting molds, but also immerse in berries, fruits, make different colors in each compartment.

Important! Always follow the procedure on the massage lines. So you will provide skin with lifting. And as for the question whether it is possible to wipe the face with ice every day, the answer is that if you do not have contraindications and the skin reacts well, then the procedure can be done daily in the morning and in the evening.

So, the theory is clear, now it's time to move on to practice. Further, the most popular and effective recipes will be listed, which will help to cope with different problems on your skin.

Ice cubes for health and beauty of face and neck. Recipes

Ice with lemon for the face

Citrus fruits are of great benefit to our health and appearance. Lemon has long been used for bleaching, for toning. It saturates the tissues with vitamins, leaving a pleasant shine, aroma and tingling on the skin. It is very suitable at any age, because young girls can keep a tightened skin, remove freckles, and the ladies at the age to give shine, to equalize pigment spots and smooth wrinkles.

Fruit ice
Every day, take a new cube

Ice is prepared simply - you can mix mineral water or plain in a glass with two spoons of juice or, for greater effect, with a third volume. Then pour into molds and send to the freezer. You can pour the water, and before the frost, drip into each compartment of the fruit juice.

Ice cubes with aloe for face

Aloe is so popular, as far as it is curative. Dozens of ailments can be cured with it. In cosmetology, he is also in demand. Every woman knows that aloe can be found in completely different means - from face cream and body to shampoo.

Aloe has a beneficial effect on the skin, copes with all kinds of rashes, disinfects and promotes wound healing, restores tissues from the inside. It is also good for wrinkles, to nourish and moisturize the skin. Ice from aloe for the face has a simple cooking. But it is better to mix it with sage infusion. To do this, take a spoonful of grass, boiled water, filtered after cooling and combines with the juice from the leaf of aloe. Then it is frozen.

For information! For cosmetic purposes and for greater effect, it is better to use aloe vera.

Sage and herbs for the face

Ice on vegetable raw materials is very useful. Herbs can heal, restore beauty. Most of the decoctions and infusions are prepared in the same way. Each herb bought in a pharmacy has instructions and indications for use. Because, given your problems, choose raw materials and prepare a healing broth, then freeze.

Ice cubes with green tea for the face

Tea as well as herbs is of vegetable origin. The benefits of green tea can be said for a long time, and it has been known since ancient times. Green tea for ice is a powerful tool for toning the skin, relieving inflammation, swelling, saturation with vitamins, bleaching. In addition, it is suitable for all skin types. And it is this means that you can wipe thin eyelids and around the eyes. Ice cubes from bags under the eyes on the basis of green tea leaves are a quick, effective solution to the daily problem.

Ice cubes
Ice with herbs

Tip! You can not only wipe the skin under the eyes, but also make lotions from cotton wool soaked in the same composition.

The recipe can be like this - a teaspoon of leaves is taken on a glass of boiling water, brewed, cooled and frosted. You can make ice from green tea for the face on the basis of infusion from tea, dog rose - 1 table spoon of fruit, mint leaves - half a spoon. The volume of water in this case is 350 ml, the infusion should stand in the thermos a day. But this ice can not be stored in the freeze for a long time, so that the components do not lose their medicinal properties.

Ice from mineral water for the face

We all know the benefits of mineral water. For ice, it is also preferable, because it allows you to saturate the tissues with the necessary macro- and microelements, which improves the tone, excellent tones and heals. Suitable for any age and for all skin types. It is done elementary - the water is simply poured into molds and frozen. You can add here and a drop of lemon juice. Such ice cubes are perfect for narrowing the pores, aligning the shade of removing the earthy complexion.

Tip! Take mineral water without gas for ice. We already talked about bubbles earlier. After freezing, such cavities can injure tissues, especially sensitive ones.

Ice cubes with vitamins A and E

Vitamins A and E are often used in cosmetology. To prepare medicinal ice, you need to pour simple or mineral water in the mold, then drop 1-2 drops of vitamins. You can use them and after rubbing your face with ice, as a means for massage. Drip vitamins, after a cold procedure, rub your face. This is a powerful tool that will help both tissue tighten, and wrinkles removed, and improve blood flow, and saturate with vitamins. The maximum benefit you get.

Cucumber ice for the face

What are the benefits of green fruits for our body? Yes to all. They have in the composition of many vitamins, nutrients, are well refreshed and are a godsend for those who lose weight. Cucumber lotions have been used for a very long time. Many of us remember them from childhood in glass bottles. No expensive means are needed, since even such a simple lotion did its job well.

Cucumber circles

Also we remember how in films women put on eyes and cucumber slices for moisturizing and toning. No matter how funny it may seem, the procedure is most useful. This cucumber ice will help with acne on the face, refresh it, remove swelling, make the skin supple, soft, shiny.

To prepare ice cucumbers can not be mixed with water, because they consist mainly of it. Simply squeeze the juice and freeze.

Ice with mint for face

Mint will give your skin tone, soften it and leave behind a delicate pleasant aroma. The recipe is elementary - a spoonful of dry or fresh leaves is poured into a glass of boiling water and allowed to stand until it cools. After freezing. You can add a spoonful of honey.

All these recipes will help you solve problems and will serve as an excellent prevention of aging, rashes. Healthy skin is always very attractive. You can use different recipes, alternate them. Also, many people do ice face massage, but here we remember that the movements should be on the right lines. Ice should not stay in one place for long. For this purpose, ice with the effect of scrub, for example, with coffee, salt, particles of herbs, is suitable.

How to properly wipe your face with ice, and what components to use, you now know. And remember that the procedure is best done after consultation with a dermatologist. And never wipe the skin before going out, especially when it's cold.

If you start taking care of your appearance and health in time, then youth will stay with you for a long time. Harmony in the soul and body - that's what's important.