Indian aml in cosmetology

  1. Composition and useful properties of
  2. Priceless hair care product
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  6. How to make healing oil at home?

Amla is known to Indian, Chinese and Ceylon women as the most powerful natural tonic, the elixir of youth. Cosmetic products based on Indian gooseberries( so differently called exotic plant in their homeland), have a wide range of effects, and the effect becomes noticeable literally within a week.

Indistinct Indian plant - the record holder for the content of nutrients for the female body

Composition and useful properties of

In folk medicine in Southeast Asia and a number of neighboring countries, all parts of the plant are used, including leaves and small sour fruits. The chemical composition of the amla is abundant with vitamins C, E, as well as a number of unique bioactive substances related to tannins - natural antioxidants.

We will not delve deeper into Mendeleyev's tab

le in detail, we focus only on the fact that the experts of ayurveda and a number of scientists distinguish the following useful properties of aml:

  • antioxidant capacity,
  • increase in longevity,
  • rejuvenating effect,
  • strengthening of immunity,
  • hair restoration,
  • improvementmemory.

Warning! In the pharmaceutical market, you can often find products in the form of food additives, oils or powders under different names and brands: Amalaki, Emblema, Phyllanthus embryo and others. Know, it is a question of an amle - product which you searched for


Rejuvenating effect of

Specialists in the field of aesthetic medicine have proved that the active substances of amla protect the skin from ultraviolet radiation, slow oxidation processes in cells, and remove toxins. For the return of the skin of youth, several trace elements are taken simultaneously, and therefore the indices of their action are much higher than pure vitamin C or E.

The path to long-livers

Daily consumption of amla fruits can prolong a person's life on average by 2-3 months. These are not jokes, but scientific assumptions. Observations have proven that those who eat foods with amla will live up to 80 days longer.


Many antiviral and immunomodulating drugs produced by pharmaceutical manufacturers contain in their composition amyl extracts. This can be seen by examining the instructions for use, for example, of drugs such as Travisyl, Dr. Mom, Gorpils, Travopassit and others. Hence, official medicine recognizes the therapeutic effect of the fruits of the embryo, and widely uses it in the fight against disease.

Against stress

Surprisingly, but amalaki has found application in the fight against neuroses, stresses, anxiety. Medical products containing amlou showed good results in the treatment of sleep disorders, alleviation of headaches, and also demonstrated an improvement in the general condition of women with menopausal syndromes.

For acute memory of

It is believed that substances contained in the drug's emblem strengthen memory, synchronize the hemispheres of the brain, improve intellectual abilities. Experiments conducted in mice allowed scientists to prove the hypothesis that amla is capable of preventing amnesia and associated other dips in memory.

Pharmacologists immediately included plants in some drugs to improve memory, for example, Intel.

Priceless hair care product

Today the market is full of cosmetic products marked "natural", "organic".This category includes also shampoos, balms and oils containing extracts of aml.

It is noteworthy that the listed products are so effective that literally in a few days you can notice tangible results - improving the appearance and active growth of hair.

Remember! The beneficial effect of beneficial substances is doubly enhanced if the problem is treated comprehensively - taking the BAA inside and applying appropriate masks or shampoos on the hair.

In general, the use of amalaki is as follows:

  1. suppression of hair loss
  2. preserving their natural pigmentation
  3. strengthening the roots of
  4. promoting hair growth
  5. improving the structure of the follicles and the stem.

So, antioxidants, which abound in amla, prevent the appearance of gray hair, promote active hair growth. In this regard, among natural products, the embryo practically has no equal.

Vitamin E, and a number of vital acids, improve the structure of the stem, giving the hair softness, volume and vitality.

Beautiful hair
The secret of hair beauty from Indian women

Moreover, cosmetic means based on aml will allow a woman to forget forever the problems of the scalp - dandruff, minor manifestations of eczema.

How to use

At the moment, the amlou can be bought in specialized stores in the form of:

  • powder,
  • oil,
  • shampoo.
Amla Powder
To obtain a miracle powder, the fruits are dried, then chopped and packed into

bags. From the first product, you will get a wonderful nourishing mask. Amla powder is mixed with warm kefir, milk or plain water until a creamy mass is obtained. The product is applied to the hair and scalp, the top is covered with a mask with a polyethylene bonnet, it is kept for about 1 hour. Then follows the standard procedure - washing your head.

If you dilute 1 teaspoon of healing powder from the amla in 1.5 liters of water and rinse the hair with the resulting composition - they will acquire a pleasant gloss and silky.

About Indian shampoos

With shampoos and air conditioners based on amalaki, too, everything is clear. Indian producers have developed a full line of hair care for all occasions. For example, the Himalaya herbals series is saturated with amyl extracts. Here, funds are provided for both normal and problematic hair( against hair loss, dandruff, etc.).

Shampoos of the manufacturer Raj Rasayana Trifola, Shampoo Amla and Brahmi from India Ayurveda or Shikkun Shikakai Brahmi Shampoo from Proved Harbals are also known.

In general, the reviews on Indian shampoos with the embryo are positive.

Reviews of the purchase of aml oil

For those who do not like to mess with home recipes, Indian, Pakistani factories and manufacturers from Sri Lanka have taken care of the production of amyl oils on an industrial scale. What to say, the Internet is full of reviews about the brands Dabur, Hashmi or Baraka. The opinions of the girls are rather ambiguous.

Luxurious hair
Nothing so adorns a woman as healthy and strong hair.

Some consumers claim that the use of aml oil positively affects the hair, others - do not notice any effect, others even declare the depravity of the hair.

Interesting! Ayurveda does not recognize the aml oil in its pure form! This product can not be found in any store in the world!

Indian oils

Brief care products from the company Dabur can be characterized as follows. The basis is palm oil and a part of amlova, rich in vitamin E. Also the product is saturated with various natural and synthetic additives.

Oils give hair elasticity, promote moisturizing and protection against dryness.

Various supplements allow women to pick up a remedy for their hair type. For example, jasmine is best used on dry strands, rosemary or henna - on fatty. But their combination in one bottle indicates that the oil is suitable for any type of hair, because it is designed to normalize the work of the sebaceous glands.

The instructions for use are simple: apply the product on the skin, spread over the entire length of the hair, leave it overnight. In the morning, rinse with your favorite shampoo.

Pakistani oils

This is a manufacturer of Hashmi. The composition of the cosmetic is completely natural.

In addition to the amla, there are extracts of rose petals, which are famous for their antiseptic and fortifying properties.

Sesame oil heals, restores and rejuvenates the hair, activates their growth.

Colorless Henna smooths the tips of the tips, combats dandruff and strengthens the roots, preventing damage to the follicles.

Girls who repeatedly used oil, noted a positive trend - the autumn-spring "molt" takes place with the least losses.

Oils from Sri Lanka

Based on products from Baraka is sesame oil, enriched with other natural additives - extracts: cumin, coconut, fenugreek and henna.

After applying this oil, the condition of the hair improves considerably. Strands grow strong, thick and shiny. Means like for gipoallergennost and absence of mineral components.

How to make healing oil at home?

Home remedy is the best option, guaranteeing 100% protection from fakes and low-quality goods. If you consider that the oil of hair amy is a combination of nutrients with vegetable oils( coconut, sesame, olive, almond), then it is not difficult to prepare a useful product in your own kitchen.

Hair - a woman
Hair condition definitely affects how the day is folded, and in the end, the life of

Recipe: 100 ml of base oil will need 10 grams of amyl powder. Ingredients should be thoroughly mixed, covered with a dense lid and left for 1-2 weeks in the heat for the exchange of useful substances. At the expiration of this period, the cosmetic product - natural hair amyl is ready for use. If desired, it can be filtered, but leaving the composition in the "unfiltered" form does not spoil the overall impression of the product.

Please note! Mask of olive oil with amla powder has a beneficial effect on strands, but it is washed much worse than vegetable analogues.

Different variants of masks based on amd powder

If you do not want to bother with vegetable oils, you can stop at one of the following "low-fat" recipes:

  1. Classic pasta. Amla is poured hot water( not boiling water) at a rate of 1: 1, carefully stir to the state of the cream. Time of exposure to hair - 1 hour;
  2. Kefir mask. Powder is bred in warm kefir, keeping the above proportions - 1: 1.The exposure time is 1 - 1.5 hours;
  3. Yolk mask. From the 2 eggs the yolks are separated, add them to the classic paste. The ingredients are well mixed.

In the end I would like to add. The use of aml for women's health, skin rejuvenation and improving the condition of the hair is beyond doubt. Yes, sometimes it is difficult to choose the perfect recipe from the first application. Do not be afraid to experiment! Then the secrets of Ayurveda 100% will begin to bring the long-awaited results. Be healthy!

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