Rules for the use of eucalyptus tinctures

The tincture of eucalyptus brightly demonstrates its healing effect, for which it has found the widest application in medical practice. This drug can be found in any pharmacy and purchased at a very affordable price. He is able to provide analgesic, expectorant, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory action.

Pharmacy tincture of eucalyptus
Alcohol tincture can be applied internally, externally and as a basis for inhalation

Characteristics of

Eucalyptus tincture is a medicinal preparation that is available as a brown-green liquid. It has a specific flavor. The agent belongs to the group of phytopreparations.

An interesting fact! Eucalyptus is often included in the composition of many repellents, since this plant has a pronounced odor that can not be tolerated by blood-sucking insects.

The infusion consists of:

  • essential oil;
  • resins;
  • tanning agents;
  • wax;
  • phytoncides;
  • flavonoids.

These components are active against pathogenic viruses and bacteria, fungi and microorganisms.

Application of

Eucalyptus tincture has found a wide range of applications. It is used as an internal and external agent, it is used to make masks, lotions, and also solutions for inhalation.

This medication is indicated in such cases:

For oral health
Eucalyptus rinses are indicated for stomatitis, glossitis and gingivitis
  • in depression, to protect against stress, nervous breakdown, as eucalyptus has a beneficial effect on the central nervous system;
  • for migraines and headaches, and often alcoholic infusion helps much better than pain medications;
  • for the treatment of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, since alcoholic tincture of eucalyptus contributes to the restoration of flora in dysbacteriosis;
  • for liver disease;
  • soaked tampons, help to cure some gynecological diseases;
  • in rhinitis;
  • when acne appears on the face;
  • for inflammatory diseases in the oral cavity;
  • with radiculitis and rheumatism.


Eucalyptus tincture is a wonderful acne remedy that quickly reduces irritations and eliminates inflammation of the skin, which allows you to refer it to a group of cosmetic products. Spirituous infusion helps to get rid of acne, which arose for various reasons, including allergic reaction to decorative cosmetics.

Beautiful skin
This drug will make your skin clean and radiant.

. Based on the eucalyptus tincture, make-up preparations, cosmetic ice and masks that quickly and effectively cope with acne manifestations, remove acne and traces from them.

It's important to remember! This remedy is made on the basis of alcohol, so it should be applied acutely from acne. Otherwise, you can dry the skin. Special care will require sensitive skin type.


Eucalyptus tincture is used against a cough that occurs against the background of acute and chronic diseases of the bronchopulmonary system. This drug has an expectorant, mucolytic and bronchodilator effect. As a rule, such ailments are always accompanied by a dry, low-productivity cough and bronchospasm. In this situation, the infusion can be used internally or in the form of inhalations.

Warning! The solution for inhalation should be made according to the prescribing of the attending physician, and self-medication can harm the health.

Inhalations are carried out with the help of the nebulizer

This procedure, with a comprehensive approach, helps to overcome inflammatory diseases of the middle and upper respiratory tract. And since the tincture of eucalyptus is able to have an anti-inflammatory effect, it is added to the inhalation solution by a nebulizer.

But eucalyptus inhalations have contraindications, among them:

  • bronchial asthma;
  • whooping cough;
  • is forbidden to perform this procedure for children under 3 years old.

For throat rinsing

Eucalyptus tincture is used to rinse throat during ARVI treatment and minor colds. The use of this drug is justified for complex therapy of tonsillitis, tonsillitis and even tuberculosis. This is due to the high activity of the components of the drug, the action of which is directed to the destruction of staphylococcus and streptococcus, which are the main causes of the appearance of diseases.

It's important to know! Eucalyptus is quite in demand in traditional medicine. On its basis today, absorbable tablets and lozenges for the throat, create compositions for inhalation and rinsing, some medicinal sprays also contain components of this plant.

For rinses, eucalyptus tincture is used as follows:

  • boil 200 ml of water and cool to approximately + 30 ° C;
  • pour 15 drops of alcohol infusion, stir;
  • rinse hold up to 5 times a day.

Such procedures are recommended for tonsillitis, laryngitis, stomatitis and pharyngitis.

When pregnant

Very carefully, you should use tincture of eucalyptus during pregnancy and during breastfeeding, as the drug contains alcohol in its composition. And if its benefit exceeds the potential risk to the health of the mother and child, then use is possible.

This infusion is not allowed to be used only in case of individual intolerance of the components. Local use in the form of lotions, douches, rinses and inhalations is permissible at any time of pregnancy, but it is first necessary to consult with your doctor.

Rules for the use of

Many people are interested in the question of whether it is possible to drink eucalyptus tincture, and when such use is recommended. In fact, there may be several admission rules:

  • for rubbing in the treatment of radiculitis, neuralgia and when rheumatic pain occurs;
  • for syringing, which is recommended for treating ulcers and erosion of the cervix;
  • is external for rinses and inhalations in diseases of the upper and middle respiratory tract - abscess of the lungs, tracheitis, angina, catarrhal or putrefactive bronchitis;

  • tincture of eucalyptus is taken internally for colds, flu, coughs, acute intestinal and gastric diseases;
  • for washes and lotions to heal abscesses, erysipelas and pustular diseases, purulent mastitis and phlegmon.

Remember that the dosage for any of the aforementioned ailments can only be prescribed by a doctor who pre-tests and establishes the advisability of using eucalyptus tinctures.