Maralic root for vivacity and health

The Lefthander The lefthanded saffronwood has gained immense popularity due to its useful qualities. There is a belief that once deer-maral was cured, having tasted the root of this plant, where the name came from - the maral root. It is his underground part that has in its composition a large number of useful substances that help the body to resist the negative impact of the environment and quickly restore strength.

Leuzea tincture, created on the basis of this component, has anti-inflammatory, tonic and adaptogenic effects. It helps to cure ailments and has found its application in people who lead an active lifestyle.

The roots of the leuzea are abundant with useful substances, among which:

Maralic root infusion
Infusion received numerous positive feedback from consumers of
  • carotene;
  • resins;
  • essential oils;
  • inulin;
  • gum;
  • ascorbic acid;
  • organic acids;
  • coumarins;
  • catechins;
  • of phosphorus salt;
  • arsenic.

Thanks to this component, drugs created on the basis of a maralic root can incre

ase endurance, appetite, mood and significantly increase efficiency. Among such means there is an alcoholic tincture of Leuzea, with which we propose to get acquainted more closely.

Application of

This drug declasses all hidden reserves of the human body and allows them to be used with the highest efficiency. At the same time, it contributes to the expansion of not only the physical, but also the mental capabilities of man.

The tincture of the maralic root perfectly tones up with a loss of strength, quickly eliminates the feeling of fatigue, increases appetite and stamina. It is used in the treatment of alcoholism and to stimulate the regeneration of skin and bone tissue in fractures, bruises and wounds.

Means for potency
Leuzea infusion helps with sexual impotence in men

This drug is used for apathy and depression. And the feedback from consumers suggests that after the first use of this drug, the mood improves significantly and the working capacity increases.

The product has a positive effect on the circulatory system. It perfectly stimulates blood circulation, prevents the formation of thrombi and regulates the content of red blood cells and leukocytes in the blood. And all this in combination helps strengthen the immune system.

It's important to remember! This infusion is contraindicated in people suffering from hypertension, so before you start using it, you should always consult a doctor.

Leuzea tincture is used as an antibacterial, anabolic, multivitamin, wound healing, stimulant, nootropic, tonic, polymicroelement and antidepressant. And after the first use you will feel the emotional lift and readiness for physical exertion.


The application of the leuzea tincture is shown in such cases:

  • in overwork;
  • in the premenstrual cycle;
  • with secondary infertility;
  • with frigidity;
  • for asthenia;
  • with a decrease in potency;
  • for oncological diseases, especially during the period of taking drugs that cause the death of cancer cells;
  • in diabetes, as it is able to reduce the concentration of sugar in the blood;
  • with depression during menopause.

Tip! Do not use this remedy before bed, since, having a powerful toning effect, it can lead to insomnia.

In bodybuilding

Tincture of leuzea safflower has found its application in bodybuilding. Its popularity among athletes is due to the ability to quickly improve efficiency. It is used during preparatory classes before the competitions and for restoring forces after physical overload. With the help of this drug you can build muscle mass and increase endurance. The body gets the opportunity to adapt to serious physical stress, which contributes to a significant increase in sports achievements.

The plant promotes muscle growth
Leuzea contains steroid compounds that manifest the anabolic activity of

After receiving this remedy, athletes feel energized and can increase training loads without compromising their health. After such exercises, the body quickly restores, as the processes of oxidation of lactic and pyruvic acid pass much faster, and in the liver, heart and muscles, glycogen or, in other words, "combustible material" accumulates.

Leuzea tincture promotes the accumulation of protein in the musculature, and its prolonged use provokes an increase in the total number of capillaries and the expansion of the channel of blood vessels. As a result, the athlete receives:

  • a significant reduction in the load on the heart muscle;
  • heart rate stabilization;
  • improved blood circulation;
  • reduction in heart rate.

With regular use of Leuzea tincture, you will not only improve your performance, but also improve your overall well-being. Already after the first use the body will be filled with vital energy, and manifestations of chronic fatigue will completely disappear. This drug will improve the blood supply to the central nervous system and blood composition. And do not forget to take it in autumn and winter, because during this period the body is most weakened due to lack of vitamins.