Tincture of calendula helps to clear the skin of acne

When mentioning the word "pimples", similar associations may arise: a spoiled holiday, the inability to date, long treatment and a poor result after it. And often, these rashes affect not only the face, but also other areas of the body: back, décolleté, neck. And as a consequence, a spoiled mood. Today we propose to consider one effective drug, which is also quite affordable - it is a tincture of calendula from acne.

Pharmacy tincture
Calendula tincture will return the skin to its former beauty in a short time.

It cleanses the skin well, gives freshness, eliminates greasy shine and quickly eliminates redness. The products made on the basis of this tincture can be used immediately after preparation and after the end of the first session you will see the result.

Action tincture

Facial skin is constantly in need of proper care. Daily cleansing can be provided with modern cosmetic products, although they are not cheap. But it is better to turn for help to nature and use for this purpose natural raw materia

ls. Tincture of calendula is quite often used in folk medicine for the face. It effectively relieves acne and removes traces left from them.

Calendula tincture is used in various industries and cosmetology is one of them. This tool has the following effects:

  • regenerating;
  • healing;
  • antiseptic;
  • is smooth;
  • whitening.

Therefore, in a short period of time tincture of calendula will help you get rid not only of acne, but also eliminate acne, freckles, furuncles and black dots. On its basis, you can make masks, lotions and lotions that purify the skin, restoring its natural beauty.

The fight against acne is important to start right away
Noticing the first pimple on the face, the main thing is not to delay with treatment, but immediately start to fight

. Applying alcoholic

infusion. If you apply a tincture of calendula from acne in its pure form, then it is necessary to apply the drug pointwise, only to problem areas. This will require a conventional cotton swab.

But you can prepare and several means, each of which will have a certain impact.


This product helps to soothe inflamed skin and quickly lighten the traces of acne. The recipe of preparation looks as follows:

  • in a glass container to connect 150 ml of boiled water and 15 ml of tincture of calendula;
  • add a tablespoon of wheat flour and mix thoroughly with a whisk to break all the lumps;
  • in the resulting mixture pour the juice, squeezed out of two sheets of aloe, mix.

The result should be a thick slurry, which is applied to the face and left for 10-15 minutes. Flush the product with warm water.

Mask with a tincture of calendula is very effective against acne with a small amount of inflamed skin. Already after the first application of redness will significantly decrease.


In addition to pharmacy tincture, this product contains medicinal honey. About its properties, you can conduct an endless conversation, and among other industries, he also used his application in cosmetology.

Therapeutic duo from acne
Honey and calendula is the perfect combination for a healthy skin.

. To make such a lotion is simple enough:

  • in a glass of warm boiled water dilute 20 g of light honey;
  • add 20 ml of tincture, mix.

The product should be cleaned daily with a face. The visible result will appear after a few days.


Gadgets are used topically and are applied only to acne. To prepare this product should be 50 ml of tincture pour into a glass container and add a couple of drops of essential oil of tea tree. Using a cotton swab, treat the problem areas and leave the product until completely absorbed.

Tip! It is very important not to wash off the solution immediately after application, since its components must be absorbed in order to show their healing properties.

How and why does calendula tincture work?

Calendula tincture is widely used for the face, as it has amazing qualities, thanks to which no cosmetic is advertised.

  1. Anti-inflammatory abilities. If you have the first pryshchik, then enough to lubricate this place with the pharmaceutical tincture of calendula. Inflammation passes very quickly and there are absolutely no traces left.

    Important! Thus it is necessary to try not to provoke distribution of acne and do everything possible to not squeeze out the first pimple.

  2. Regenerating properties. This remedy effectively eliminates scarring and post-acne stagnant stains. It is clear that they appear when you could not contain yourself and still squeezed out a few acne. But in this case the tincture of calendula comes to the aid. It should be rubbed into damaged areas of the skin with a cotton pad. During this procedure, active blood circulation in the tissues begins, and as a result - rapid regeneration takes place.

    Warning! The spots dissolve quickly enough, but here the scars align much longer.

  3. Astringent effect. Calendula has a very useful property that is useful in the treatment of acne - it normalizes the production of sebum. Pores that previously allocated too much of it, which was the cause of acne, begin to work less intensively. Gradually, they narrow, and the complexion becomes even.

    Important! It is a large amount of sebum that affects the formation of acne. It clogs the pores and there is a gum. And if bacteria get into it, you get an inflamed pimple.

  4. The ability to draw pus. As a rule, it is the inflamed subcutaneous acne that brings most of the inconvenience. They can cause painful sensations and pass very long. To squeeze out such sites it is impossible, as it is possible to bring with ease an infection and only to aggravate a status. To get rid of such pimples, they should be treated with tincture of calendula and after a few days they completely disappear.


It is not recommended to use calendula tincture in such cases:

  • for skin diseases requiring special treatment;
  • when allergic to the components of the drug;
  • in the presence of open wounds;
  • individual intolerance.

If, after using the product on the skin, rashes, irritation, redness or flaking occur, then stop using it and switch to other formulations.

You can not wipe the entire face with tincture of calendula, because you can dry the skin. It is best to use a cotton swab or tampon and apply the tool pointwise. After the first application, the amount of acne can increase significantly. This is a sign that the drug started to act and the pimples began to ripen. Soon they will open and completely disappear.

The agent should be used daily for two weeks. Then take a short break and repeat the course. To use cosmetics during this period is undesirable, as it will clog the pores and suspend the action of the drug.