Tincture of pine cones to preserve health and longevity

Tincture of pine cones - an amazing tool. It would seem - the components are the most usual, natural, there is no overseas exotics. Useful properties of ordinary pine show their healing qualities in the fight against many serious diseases and their consequences. Miracle tincture has gained popularity among patients undergoing the healing phase of recovery from the insidious severe illness - stroke. Often the most elementary methods help better, because they are created from plants growing in their native region of residence, hence - more effective.

Cones and needles
Raw material for preparation of the drug should grow in ecologically clean areas, however it is not so difficult to find it - we have a country rich in pine forests

After summer, a considerable quantity of substances possessing healing qualities is collected in pine cones: vitamins, linolenic and oleic acids, rare essential oils, lipids, bioflavonoids. .. But the most valuable component is the unique tannins, which block the process of dying out

of the brain cells in the already happened strokes.

At what diseases to use tincture?

It is known that tincture of pine cones from stroke is a proven remedy that favorably affects the network of brain vessels, which does not allow the death of nerve cells, which contributes to the rehabilitation of a person after a stroke and a heart attack( speech restoration, coordination of movements).

Scientists claim that it is due to the presence of tannins that it is largely possible to fight the death of brain cells, in addition, the vessels and capillaries of

are effectively cleaned. In addition, tincture of pine cones can be useful in the treatment of many diseases that are associated with the circulatory system,because this remedy increases the elasticity of the vessels, normalizes their tone and restores the permeability of the capillaries. The use of tinctures from pine cones is indicated in the following pathological conditions of the body:

  • infarction, stroke, heart and vascular disease( including for prophylactic purposes);

  • hypertension( normal blood pressure is restored);
  • post-stroke and post-infarction states;
  • gastritis, peptic ulcer.

Special instructions

The organisms of different people perceive the impact of the same remedy in an "individual order".Therefore, it is important to listen to the sensations and protect yourself from the negative impact of the means "that helped millions" of the sick.

Contraindications for using tincture of pine cones in the treatment of circulatory disorders are:

  • painful sensitivity of the organism to the components of the drug, allergic reactions;
  • children under 12 years and the elderly are older than 75-80 years;
  • period of pregnancy and lactation;
  • prohibition to consume alcohol and alcohol-containing medicines for medical reasons;
  • severe diseases - renal and hepatic insufficiency.
Tincture of pine cones is an effective tool in the treatment of many diseases

Important: Those who have suffered a stroke in mild form, there is a great benefit of tincture of pine cones and the absence of any deviations and ailments during treatment. Unfortunately, the effectiveness of the agent is reduced if the stroke is severe and has significant consequences. Those who are less than me due to this remedy are successfully recovering, but it must be remembered that the result will not be immediate, a consistent, systematic and long-term treatment is needed.

How to cook a miracle cure?

The general rule of preparation of cones is the need to carefully sort out them and clean healthy specimens with cold water. Here are a few recipes, the most popular among practicing herbalists.

Tincture recipe from mature( red) pine cones

Take a glass jar of suitable volume with a wide neck.10 pieces.cones fill 0.5 liters.alcohol( 70%) or the same amount of high-quality vodka. Open mature cones under the influence of liquid should be closed. To insist a medicine it is necessary in a dark place, after 10 days it should be filtered and poured into it 1 tsp.apple cider vinegar( you can grape).

Recommendations for admission: Apply this tool this way: every day for the night you need to drink a mug of hot, weak tea( recommend green), to which should be added 1 tsp.this tincture and a little honey. Due to the presence of vinegar in the tincture, ethyl alcohol is partially neutralized, and the remaining traces of alcohol evaporate from hot tea. Thus, only useful active substances remain.

The course of treatment of tincture of pine cones from a stroke is long, about six months. After a short break, it is advisable to repeat the therapeutic use of the tincture. Then you can follow the rules of preventive reception - 1 tsp.in the morning after breakfast.

Tincture recipe from green pine cones

For the preparation of a healing agent that helps to gently support the body's immune forces, green cones( they contain bioflavonoids) are needed. In our country they are collected at a time when they only accumulate valuable substances - in the summer, around the last decade of June. It is necessary to take only unopened cones with a width of about 4 cm.

The collected raw materials should be washed and finely chopped, filling with a "salad" up to the top( recommend taking a three-liter jar).Next, the cones are filled with vodka and covered with a dense lid of polyethylene. Tincture of pine cones on vodka will be ready in a week - 10 days, the liquid must be drained, filtered and poured into a convenient container for storage and use of glass containers. The rules of the procedure are simple: for 1 month drink three times a day for 20-25 minutes.before a meal of 1 tbsp.

Effective means
There are several types of tincture depending on the type of main raw material used for its preparation - mature red or green cones

Recipe for tincture of green pine cones on vodka from stomach diseases

It is necessary to take 100 g of whole green cones, place in cans and pour with proven vodkaor 70% alcohol( you need 0.5 liters).Insist on this option tincture about two weeks. This remedy effectively fights stomach ulcers and gastritis. Take the same as described in the previous recipe.

Recipe for alcohol tincture from pine cones for treatment of goiter

Inflammation of green cones is necessary in dark glass ware. Cut raw materials into a bottle, fill up with 90% alcohol and leave to infuse for about a month. Every few days you need to shake the drug. When the tincture is ready, it should be filtered, and then stored in the refrigerator.

Recommendations for admission: The treatment schedule is as follows: 1-3 days - three drops of 1 drop, 4-21 days - three times a day before meals, 5 drops each. It is better not to wash down the remedy, but swallow, holding it in your mouth a little. After such a three-week course, you need to take a break, and if necessary, you can repeat.

Of course, these drugs can not fully be a substitute for modern health-improving methods and medicines for official medicine. Nevertheless, a strong auxiliary effect and a positive effect on health from taking tinctures from pine cones are noted by very many who used it.

For more information on reconstructive treatment after a severe stroke with tinctures of pine cones, see the video: