Home cosmetics for facial skin from avocado oil - a chic result in no time!

Natural avocado oil for the face is incredibly useful. About its restorative and rejuvenating properties known in the Middle Ages and especially popular among the beauties of South America. Get this remedy by cold pressing the pulp of dried fruits, less often from bones. Thanks to this method, the maximum of biologically active components, vitamins and minerals that preserve the youth and beauty of our skin is preserved in the finished oil.

Avocado for the face
Avocado oil has a beneficial effect on the skin condition

Popularity in cosmetology

The greatest recognition of avocado oil found in the field of cosmetology. This product is considered one of the most effective in caring for aging and dry skin. More often it acts as the basis of various cosmetics. It is bred with other vegetable and essential oils, creating nutritious, moisturizing and rejuvenating products. But the squeeze from the fruits of avocado can also be used individually. With this application, it shows particularly noticeable results, worki

ng more quickly and intensively.

Note! In this case, the best properties will be exhibited by the unrefined product, which has a greenish tint and a barely perceptible nutty aroma. The oil that has undergone the refining process is somewhat less effective. For such a product, golden color and odorlessness are characteristic.

That set of useful components that contain squeezes from avocado fruits is very similar to fats found in human subcutaneous tissue. For this reason, biologically active substances are easily absorbed into the skin, penetrating precisely into those areas where they are most needed.

Avocado oil is ideal for any type of facial skin and will be useful for all ages. It, in contrast to many other oils, has a light texture, so that its absorption is incredibly fast, and the greasy shine after its use does not remain.

Avocado oil
Natural avocado oil is better than you can please your skin

Cosmetic properties

The properties of avocado oil are quite diverse and for the beauty of our skin are very important.

  1. With its softening and moisturizing qualities, this preparation is able to fully saturate the skin with nutrients, stimulate the circulation process and enrich each cell with oxygen. It penetrates deep under the skin and activates the production of natural collagen, which, in turn, helps to give the skin elasticity and makes it supple.
  2. Avocado oil is often included in cosmetics that stimulates the regeneration of tissues and cells, helps cure acne, rashes, eliminates flaking and irritation.
  3. These squeezes contain a large amount of sterol, a plant component that fights premature aging, prevents wrinkles and age-related pigmentation.
  4. Natural extract of avocado is considered ideal in the care of a thin and incredibly tender skin around the eyes. It gently nourishes the problem areas, effectively moisturizes, helps to cope with flabbiness and smoothes fine wrinkles.
  5. Avocado oil is a reliable protective barrier, which is very effective in adverse weather conditions. Ultraviolet in summer, cold wind in autumn and frost in winter will not affect the condition of our skin if we use cosmetics based on natural extract of avocado before going out.
Avocados in Cosmetology
Spoil your skin with avocado oil more often and it will thank you with a healthy radiance!

Application of

The rules for using avocado oil for skin care are very simple and understandable:

  • can enrich the purchased cosmetic products, for example, lotions, creams and tonics, adding 10-12 drops of oil for every 10 g;
  • to quickly eliminate peeling, irritation and inflamed foci, it is recommended to wipe the face with a clean extract. It is applied to the skin with a thin layer and after 40 minutes it is dipped with a soft napkin;

    Recommendation! With strongly expressed problems, it is desirable to carry out this procedure twice a day!

  • for the recovery and regeneration of the skin from the avocado pulp is added to the night cream and used daily at bedtime - one teaspoon of oil will suffice for one small jar.

And remember that only with the regular use of this drug can you get the expected effect.

Healthy beautiful skin
After a month of such therapy, your skin will improve noticeably: it will become elastic, wrinkles will smooth out, the complexion will become even and healthy.

Prescription for youth and beauty

  1. . Align the tone and improve complexion with the following: 5 ml of avocado scraps together with 10 g of sour cream. Dilute 4 drops of freshly squeezed lemon juice in the resulting mixture and hold for a quarter of an hour.
  2. A skin nutrient is prepared from 10 ml of avocado oil and raw yolk. The ingredients are mixed and left on the skin for 20 minutes.
  3. The mask of olive oil and avocado fruit has a wonderful anti-aging effect. They are mixed in equal proportions and applied to the face. After a quarter of an hour the preparation is washed off.
  4. Using the following eyeliner from avocado oil, you can get rid of "goose paws": take 10 ml of the extract of avocado and grape seed oil, 2 times drop the esters of verbena, rosemary and geranium. Finger pads gently drive the drug into the skin around the eyes, soak for half an hour and get soaked remnants with a soft napkin.
  5. Avocado oil is also useful for eyelashes. With its help you can restore their condition and prevent falling out. The natural extract is applied with a brush on the eyelashes and neatly distributed along the entire length. After 25 minutes, remove the product with a tissue.

Important! In the care of eyelashes, it is very important to avoid getting oil on the eye mucosa!

Nature has presented us with a most valuable gift - an absolutely natural remedy that helps to preserve youth and beauty. The result of its application you will definitely like. Do therapy regularly and be beautiful!

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