Coconut oil - make your body an excuse!

  1. Effect on the skin
  2. Usage rules
  3. Simple recipes for the beauty and youth of the entire body skin

Using coconut oil for the body, you can achieve amazing results: the skin will become much more gentle, its relief will equalize, stretch marks and irritated areas will disappear,she will look well-groomed, young and healthy. For these reasons, many modern beauties choose today the means based on coconut oil. Do you want to try the action of this wonderful overseas product?

Coconut oil for the body
Coconut oil will take care of your skin's health and beauty of your body

Effect on the skin

Coconut oil has a unique set of biologically active substances in its composition, and therefore its benefit to the body is invaluable:

  • lauric acid has significant help in restoring damaged skin areas and providesher active diet;
  • folic acid protects the integument from the aggressive influence of various external factors;
  • thiamine stops the aging process and thus ensures the prolongation of y
  • niacin removes inflammation and accelerates the regeneration of tissues;
  • pantothenic acid prevents the formation of wrinkles and reduces the severity of stretch marks and folds;
  • vitamins C and E have an additional rejuvenating effect.

The properties of coconut oil are numerous, and a special soft consistency makes it also very convenient to use. This product is quickly absorbed into the skin and at the same time does not leave a greasy sheen on its surface, and at the same time creates the thinnest film that provides reliable protection against dust, dirt and does not allow dehydration.

Body care with oil
Coconut oil deeply nourishes the covers, softens and moisturizes even the driest areas, perfectly disinfects and heals the cracks.

Coconut oil is the most valuable for withering skin with visible stretch marks and wrinkles. Using the products based on this product for massage, it is possible to significantly improve the condition of the problem areas in several procedures.

Note! Considering the rejuvenating effect of coconut oil, it is worth considering that it is recommended to use it for withering, and not for aging skin. In the latter case, in order to obtain the desired effect, it is necessary to pay attention to oils whose rejuvenating effect is stronger, for example, jojoba or wheat germ!

Usage rules

The use of coconut oil for the body can be different - it is used both in pure form and connected to other components. To handle rough or very dry areas, a small piece of natural oil must be melted in the palm of your hand, then applied to the problem area. In addition, a few drops of this product can also be added to the bottle with a cosmetic product that you use daily, it can be lotion, tonic, milk, cream, scrub, etc. Natural oil will enhance the effect of cosmetics and give the skin whole body extra nutrition.

The use of coconut oil in its pure form can be very useful in the cold season, when the outdoors is windy or frosty. A thin layer applied to the neck and face area will provide reliable protection against the aggressive influence of unfavorable factors.

Quite good results bring the use of coconut oil during and after water procedures. Are you going to take a bath? Try adding a couple of caps of melted butter. Warm water will help the pores to open, so that the components of the product penetrate into its deepest layers. After this procedure your skin will start to shine with beauty, it will become velvety and extraordinarily tender. It is equally useful to use coconut oil for the body and after the shower. Apply it to damp skin and lightly rub with light massage movements.

Another useful property of coconut oil is related to the prevention of sunburn. However, in this case it can only be used after sunbathing - the most delicate coconut oil quickly calms the overheated skin areas and prevents their peeling.

Important! Apply coconut oil as a tanning agent is highly discouraged, as the risk of getting sunburn in this version increases at times!

Smooth sunburn
Coconut oil will eliminate the effects of harmful UV rays on the skin and make the tan color more pleasant

In general, the use of coconut oil for the body will be fully justified in such cases:

  • for nourishing and moisturizing dry skin, and when cracks appear on the elbows, knees andheels;
  • with the appearance of stretch marks and cellulite;
  • with increased nail brittleness;
  • for softening rough coarse cuticles;
  • for skin protection after sunburn;
  • with fading skin.

Simple recipes for the beauty and youth of the whole body skin

So, how does this overseas product work in practice?

Moisturizing and cleansing

As mentioned above, to moisturize and optimally nourish the skin, it is possible to use coconut oil in its pure form - we heat about a tablespoon of the product and apply it to a damp body after a bath or shower.

But you can also cook on its basis a wonderful cleansing scrub. There are several recipes for such drugs and here are the best ones.

  • Melt a couple of tablespoons of coconut oil in a water bath and add to it a small amount of baking soda - just one teaspoon without a slide. The resulting mixture is very carefully processed leather, leave for a few minutes, then wash off with warm water. This tool works as a delicate exfoliation and gently eliminates cornified skin particles.
  • To prepare the second cleaning scrub, mix the sugar( preferably reed) and sea salt in the same ratio. We introduce a dry mixture into melted coconut oil and apply to the body. We do a soft massage and wash it off. This mixture allows not only to cleanse the skin well, but also perfectly moisturizes it.

Carrying out massage

Often, coconut oil is used for massage. This procedure helps to maximize the health of the skin, make them more elastic and give elasticity. In addition, coconut massage can provide prevention of skin sagging and helps in losing weight.

When self-massage coconut oil is used in the chest area and in the collar zone. Thus, you yourself at home can significantly improve the skin in these areas, making it more taut and at the same time gentle.

Note! This procedure will be useful not only for the skin - massage perfectly relaxes muscles, and a pleasant aroma of oil soothes and fixes the therapeutic effect!

In pure form, you can use for massage only natural coconut oil, in quality and purity of which you are completely sure. It should not contain any impurities, additives, fillers, flavors, etc. The ideal option is organic oil. In this case, it will be as safe and extremely useful as possible. And this is very important, especially if your skin is sensitive.

Natural coconut oil - an excellent remedy for maintaining youthful skin

Fighting cellulite

From cellulite, coconut oil is usually used in combination with ground coffee. This mixture is a natural peeling, which simultaneously cleanses, and tightens the skin, and eliminates unpleasant manifestations of cellulite.

  • To begin with, you should prepare the product itself. To do this, combine ground coffee and coconut oil in such a way that the result is a paste-like mass.
  • Finished product can be poured into ice molds( more convenient in large ones) and put in a refrigerator. As a result, you will get a solid scrubbing agent that will be conveniently applied to the body.
  • Before applying the peeling, you must take a shower, but do not use any gel or soap. Simply wet and lightly heat the skin.
  • Now we put on our body a scrub and do a light massage. After 10 minutes, rinse the product with warm water and pat the body with a towel. To fix the result at the end of the procedure, it is recommended to use an anti-cellulite cream or lotion.

You can see a positive result after the second or third procedure: a coconut-coffee scrub will smooth the bumps on the problem areas and make the skin much more tender. In addition, there will be excellent prevention of the appearance of stretch marks.

Nail care

Coconut oil contains vitamin E, which provides optimal care for the nail plate and cuticles. This substance is responsible for strengthening the nails, making their surface smooth and eliminates small defects. In parallel, their deep nourishment and hydration are carried out. When using this product in the care of the skin of the hands, the cuticle becomes smooth and almost invisible. And it shows very good results both with individual application, and in a mixture with other oils.

Well-groomed nails
Such procedures help to forget forever the problem of brittle nails and rough cracked cuticles.

. The ways of using coconut oil for nails can be different. The easiest option is to rub a small amount of oil daily into the nail plate and the skin around it. This will help make the nails shiny, stronger, accelerate their growth and eliminate dryness of the cuticle.

  • With increased brittleness of nails - dissolve a tablespoon of coconut butter( butter) in a water bath and add 5 drops of lemon essential oil, mix and add glycerin, about a tablespoon. The finished product is used every other day, we store it in the main compartment of the refrigerator.
  • To moisten the dull nails - warm up a tablespoon of coconut oil, add to it a couple drops of essential oils of lemon and orange, stir and dilute in the resulting mixture of half a tablespoon of glycerin and 5 ml of camomile oil. We put it and rub it into the nail plates every day.
  • Nutrient - for its preparation it is necessary to combine in an equal ratio several oils: coconut, avocado and jojoba. Next, add to this mixture of a couple of drops of essential oils: lavender and evening primrose. We use it daily.
  • Revitalizing cream - this product will help restore natural gloss to nails, quickly strengthen them and make them healthy. It is prepared as follows: for a couple tablespoons of warmed coconut oil, add 3 drops of orange, a few drops of ether ylang-ylang and 1.5 teaspoons of camphor alcohol. All mixed and applied to the nail plates, after 2 hours remove the remnants of the cream with a cotton disc.
  • Caring mask - for its preparation you will need a coconut butterfly, rosemary ether and natural liquid honey. We make a tablespoon of coconut oil in a water bath and pour in a similar amount of honey. When the components are connected, add five drops of ether. Stir the product and keep it on the water bath for a couple of minutes. We remove the mass from the plate. We put a mask on the nails and cuticles, massage a little and put on gloves made of polyethylene. We warm hands with a towel and soak for about a quarter of an hour. After this time, rinse the remnants of the drug with water and apply a nourishing cream.

In addition, coconut oil can eliminate white spots that suddenly appeared on the nails. Only in this case, we first need to find out the cause of the problem. If it turns out to be an infection, then in such a situation, you need a drug treatment that only a doctor can prescribe. If, according to the studies conducted, the infection is excluded, coconut oil is quite capable of coping with white spots. It should be rubbed into the nails three times a day until a positive result is achieved.

As you can see, coconut oil deserves to be called a unique product that is able to return the skin of the whole body natural beauty and healthy appearance in record time. In addition, it is very simple to use it at home.