How to choose coconut oil with maximum health and beauty benefits

  1. Coconut oil and its application
  2. Oil is different
  3. And how to choose coconut oil overseas?

Natural care has become very popular these days, because people are tired of chemistry in products, environment, cosmetics, they are looking for quality products that will be most useful. But in our time it is not so easy to find such products. Now, about coconut oil is now spoken everywhere, its benefits are proven. It can be used both on procedures in expensive salons, and at home. Only here there is a question, how to choose coconut oil in the world, where abound fakes, dyes, preservatives and other harmful additives. We will give him detailed answers - you will learn how to make a good purchase not only in Russia, but also abroad.

Coconut and oil
Do not underestimate the benefits of natural products

Coconut oil and its use

Qualitative natural oil from natural ingredients can work wonders. It has been used for treatment for thousands of years by people in different parts of our plan

et, used for food. But for most girls, good coconut oil or any other is a way to become more beautiful and well-groomed. The trend to a healthy lifestyle and natural care can not but rejoice, because even without expensive salon procedures you can have luxurious curls and gorgeous, luminous from the inside, the skin.

Hair split? Simply put a little on the tips daily, and after a month you will forget about the brittle, ugly ringlets reminding straw. Is the skin dry, problematic? So, hurry again for a bottle of good butter, and not for cream in the nearest store. And if the nervous tension and muscle blocks darken your everyday life and days off, again the oil product helps you. Do a massage with coconut oil, and you will forget what back pain, cellulite, dull and neglected skin.

Coconut oil VS olive
Before buying, you always need to have the knowledge of

. Well, it's brief. Ways of using natural oils are mass, because, thanks to their rich and life-giving composition, the product becomes like a healing balm for the body and soul. But there is a problem - coconut oil or any other can be bought almost at every corner, but whether it is worth it to trust, and whether it will help. Do you want an honest answer? Hardly. The choice must be made correctly and with a certain amount of knowledge in this matter. To do this, you read our article to understand how to distinguish coconut oil from a counterfeit, which can be not only useless, but also harm to health.

Oil is different

To begin with it is worth noting that the market is full of assortment, this is good, because there are plenty to choose from, and badly - many counterfeits and poor-quality goods are on the shelves. To understand what exactly you need, you must understand that the oil is different, and this changes both its properties and price. But once it is worth saying that you never buy a product for a very cheap price, which is also sold somewhere on the counter in the transition, and it will be of high quality. The miser pays twice, and this proverb is as relevant as ever.

Quality of coconut oil
Do not rush to buy goods from questionable sellers

Do not skimp on your health, it is priceless. So, the price of a good oil can not be low, but it also varies for good producers from smaller values ​​to very high, and this is because the product can be obtained in many ways. Next, you will learn how.

Unrefined coconut oil - maximum use and quality

Like sunflower or olive oil, coconut oil can be peeled and not. That is, the product has a refined or unrefined label. The first cold-pressed oil is obtained without the aggressive influence of high temperatures, preservatives or other substances with chemical composition. Such a product conveys the fragrance of the fruit, it is most saturated with useful ingredients, having in the composition of many fatty acids, antioxidants and vitamins. The oil is labeled "Virgin coconut oil" or an abbreviation of VCO.Which coconut oil is better, refined or unrefined, you will also find out below.

An important quality of natural coconut oil is its hardening at a temperature of 25 degrees. At the same time, putting the product on the palm, the consistency begins to melt and becomes liquid and transparent, in the same solid form, white, cream or milk. Unfair producers often mix oil with palm oil, but then it no longer melts in your hands and this is a signal that you have been deceived. As part of a quality product can not do anything but coconut oil, which is obtained with the help of cold pressing, and how it behaves at a temperature above 25 degrees you understand.

For information! Often the labeling on the package may differ - either it is written "Extra-virgin coconut oil", or simply "Virgin".And the price will vary greatly. But this designation refers to the quality of olive oil, where the marking is important, but if you see such words on a bottle of coconut product, then know that this is only the course of marketers, inside the same coconut oil composition.

It should also be noted that you can meet, albeit very rarely, the designation "Pure coconut oil".This is pure coconut oil, derived from dry pulp in the core of the nut, which is called copra. There are also no additives, but this is an unrefined product. What too often manufacturers use to raise the price. This oil is very rare, expensive and cleaned, that is, refined, does not apply, and in any store will not be sold.

Another premium product, which is an elite among the oils, is "Organic coconut oil".It is an elixir of health and well-being, you are unlikely to meet it in free access. The cost of the product is high, but the quality is in line. Oil is made from nuts that grow on those palms that have not been grown with chemicals, insecticides, herbicides and other harmful additives have not been used here to increase the growth rate and yield.

Refined coconut oil - odorless and impurities

The situation here is the same as with sunflower oil. Marking on the package you will see a "Refined coconut oil" or "RBD - refined", or "Deodorised".This product is obtained by purifying unrefined oil. It does not have as many useful components. The color of the product is yellow, and you will not smell the oil. The production process is cheap and simple, so the overall price of the product is low. This oil can be found on sale much more often.

In general, all oils are refined in order to be neutral for their taste and smell, and there is also the opinion of scientists that such a product does not emit carcinogens when frying, when it is better to use pure oil for fresh food without heat treatment. But this is a controversial issue.

Tip! If you prefer always oil purified, that is, refined, then choose those that were made by cold pressing, and not by hot pressing.

Which coconut oil is better, you ask? Here you decide. If you want maximum benefit, while not going to use oil for cooking, it is better to take what is unrefined. If on the contrary, then purified. For massage, cosmetic procedures, hair masks, you need only a good, clean oil with the smell of coconut.

Did you know? In the old days only purified oil was eaten by rich people, the unrefined product was considered a low grade, now the view has changed radically.

And how to choose coconut oil overseas?

Now people began to travel a lot, especially to the countries of Asia. One of the popular destinations is Thailand, where you can bring tropical products of good quality, but here you must beware of fakes. Often in the streets of Thailand or Vietnam, you can find shops that are lined with banks with loud slogans, it is better not to buy such products.

Natural oils are indispensable in cosmetology

is prized in Asian countries. As in Russia, always give preference to specialized stores where there are quality certificates, other documentation, translators into Russian. The same goes for online stores. Only large brands specializing in tropical products or natural, in terms of herbs, organic food and so on, can sell the best coconut oil. So, if you are planning to fly to Asia in the next vacation and are wondering how to choose coconut oil in Thailand, then take a look at the following brands:

  • «Samui Nature».Used this cold-pressed oil for body care and for food additives;
  • "Harnn".Elite products, obtained especially carefully. Suitable for those who have problems with skin, hair;
  • "Tropicana".A fairly common brand that makes different products;
  • "ArgiLife".The company makes very high quality natural oils, is available for purchase.

Finally, it should be noted that a good oil should only be 100% natural, and also a "BIO" mark. Keep unrefined product in cool and dark for a limited amount of time.